Monday's Musings - Bloom Like a Rose Through the Thorns of Pain

By Mary Denman

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Most every loves a rose. They are beautiful flowers. Lovely creatures. 

But you can't enjoy them fully without dealing with their thorns. 

Yes, you can buy thornless roses where someone else has broken them off. But you just can't grow roses or pick them without encountering the thorns. 

Roses demand work. 
Protection from bugs. 
The right soil. 
The right moisture.  

But the end result is a sweet smelling beauty. A captivating loveliness. 

My beautiful mom. . .
And so it is with us. 

There are people whose lives have a fragrant beauty to them. 

They didn't achieve that by lives that are easy and simple. 

My mother was one of those people. She suffered a stroke that threatened to overwhelm her and cause her to want to give up the fight. 

I'm beyond grateful she didn't give up fighting. She pushed through paralysis on her right side and learned to write, eat and live with her left hand. She learned to speak again. To walk again with a cane. 

She did it all with grace. With learning to laugh at herself. With letting us love her and help her through it. 

My mom was a beautiful rose adorning the garden of my life. Her beauty stood out even more because of the suffering she lived through. 

I told her once I didn't think I could ever go through what she went through. 

Her response? 

"Mary, you can get through anything God takes you through. He'll give you the grace when you get there."

Mom, thanks for being an exquisite rose in my life. For blooming in the midst of the thorns of physical pain that followed you to the end.  

 Who in your life is a beautiful rose?

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  1. Thirty + years ago, the Lord gave me a wonderful friend who has is my rose. Our lives have been up and down over the years but the Lord has always taken care to have only one of us walking through hardship at any one time. One has been strength for the other. Only God knew the paths that stretched out before us and He's provided for us through each other.

    1. That's awesome Sherry. We all need a rose in our lives! Have a wonderful day! :)