Photo Tip Friday - What is the Focal Point and Depth of Field? Part 2

by Mary Denman

Welcome back for Photo Tip Friday! 

Today is Part 2: Understanding Depth of Field. 

Last week, in Part 1, I talked about what the focal point is and how it can change the feel of the picture. You can read about it here.  Once you understand what the focal point is, you then need to learn about depth of field because they go together and can have a great impact on your pictures.

Let's get started learning what depth of field is and how you can control it. 

Depth of field is the amount of the picture that's in focus.  You can think of it as how "deep" the part in focus is in the picture. 


Wordless Wednesday - Dragonflies

Welcome back for more Wordless Wednesday! 

Recently, we went on vacation and look what I found! 


They are amazing little creatures.

I hope you enjoy them.

Come back on Friday for Photography Tips.

I'll be explaining how aperture does affect your shots.

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Blue Dragonfly on Water Lilly

Red Dragonfly
Red Dragonfly in Flight

Red Dragonfly in Flight

Black and Green Dragonfly



Monday's Musings - Being With Like-Minded People

By Mary Denman

Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference
This past week, I had the pleasure of being the conference photographer for Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. This means that I got to go around the campus, taking pictures of people and things that were of interest to me. 

I especially love the people part. Specifically, the head shot part. Writers need head shots for their business cards, blogs, and book covers. While I could just put everyone in front of a backdrop and ask them to tilt their head this way or that, I don't. We've all seen too many "posed" shots that don't look natural at all but are supposed to make us look our best.


Photo Tip Friday - What is a Focal Point and Depth of Field? Part 1

by Mary Denman

Learning about a focal point
Have you ever wondered why some of your shots come out blurry where you don't want them and in focus on the wrong part? 

Today, I'm going to help you understand what a focal point is and learn how to control where it is. 

Next Friday, we'll go over what depth of field is in a picture and how the focal point and depth of field interact. 

Let's get started learning how the focal point can impact your shots. 


Wordless Wednesday - The Beach

Welcome back! 

Sorry I've been off schedule, we've been on vacation with limited internet...

I'm traveling today so it may take me a while to respond.

Join me this Friday for learning about the focal point in your pictures. 

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Monday's Musings (on Tuesday) - Learning to Live Again After a Loss

Last Mother's Day, I was in shock. My mother had passed away two weeks prior. I was numb, trying to comprehend that she was gone. 

This year, I wasn't in shock. The emotions of missing her threatened to overwhelm me. It's hard to keep living when someone you love so dearly is gone. 

But we had planned a vacation right after we got our son home from college, before he started work for the summer. We planned a trip to the beach. Over Mother's Day weekend.

I'm really glad we did, even though it was bittersweet. 

But I learned a great lesson. 


Wordless Wednesday - The Most Beautiful Woman in the World to Me

Happy Mother's Day to you mothers.

My sister did this pastel of my mom after she passed away. This is how I remember my mom. 

Beautiful and smiling. 
She loved us with an unconditional love. 
And pointed us to God. 

I miss her dearly. 
But I love her as much today as I ever have. 
She was amazing.

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My Beautiful Mom

My Mom's Favorite Flower...Tulip

The iris from my grandfather's yard....he passed away in the 70's

A beautiful azalea


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Photo Tip Friday - Lighting: Part 3: Using Ambient Lighting

By Mary Denman

Welcome back to Photo Tip Friday!

For the last two weeks, I've gone over the dynamics of natural lighting. (Links for those posts follow this article.)

Today is about how to use ambient sun light while you're indoors - ambient lighting is the lighting that's available. And it's also about the direction of the lighting.