Photo Tip Friday: Quick Tips to Transform your People Photos

by Mary Denman    @MaryDenman

Some of the mistakes that we make taking people pictures are very easily correctable. 

Let me give you a few quick tips that will help transform your people photos immediately.

A little awareness can go a long way to improving your photography skills. 

Let's get started!

TIP 1: Look in the camera right after you take a shot. 
This may not seem obvious, but you can make corrections very quickly because your subject is right there and you can snap another shot to improve it.  


Wordless Wednesday: Snow! Finally!

by Mary Denman   @MaryDenman

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday! 

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My son in shorts in the snow and ice!


Monday's Musings: Who are You Trusting to Support You in Life?

by Mary Denman    @MaryDenman

In downtown Greenville, SC, there's a great park built around a beautiful waterfall on the Reedy River. 

But this wasn't always the case. 

You see, back in the 50's or so, an engineer decided to put a road right through the falls. One of the columns was in the waterfall. It wasn't a pretty bridge at all. It was just a sturdy road. The park that was beneath it was neglected and actually a bit dangerous to go to since it was so isolated. 

Finally, city planners decided to revitalize the downtown area. The road bridge was torn down and a contest began for a new pedestrian bridge to be built. They wanted to showcase the falls to visitors and not have the walking bridge detract from the Reedy River and park. 

They chose the winning design well.  

It's a suspension bridge. There are no support columns directly beneath it. 


Photo Tip Friday: Be Prepared to Take Great Photos

by Mary Denman  @MaryDenman

If you've been doing photography for any length of time, you've probably found yourself in a situation where you weren't prepared for a great photographic opportunity. 

I know I have. Kind of like a fisherman's story about the fish that got away. I have one of those too! 

So, what photography tips can you learn from my mistakes?

Let's get started! 


Wordless Wednesday: Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

by Mary Denman   @MaryDenman

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday! 

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Last week's photo tip is about Understanding your Digital Camera and Photography

I've been on crutches for a week so I've only been able to take shots around my house. So here's our puppy Liam. 


Monday's Musings: Ready for A Fresh Start in 2016?

by Mary Denman     @MaryDenman

I'm so glad a new year has dawned. 

I'm ready for a fresh start.

While the hardest year of my life by far was 2013, 2015 was a bit challenging as well. 

We started 2015 with my daughter having double knee surgery in February to deal with the long-standing pain in her knees. Instead of getting better, they got significantly worse. After months of suffering, her doctor finally referred her to another specialist. 

Then we got a Dr. who was able to understand the underlying issue and give us a diagnosis that dealt with the problem. Her knee caps weren't aligned properly. So, we scheduled her next two surgeries for October and December of 2015. 

Hubby had shoulder surgery in between hers in November. (They're both doing well and recovering nicely.) 

So why am I glad to see 2015 go and 2016 start?

Because it feels like a fresh start to me. A chance to take a breath and get excited about life again. 


Photo Tip Friday: Understanding your Digital Camera and Photography

by Mary Denman    @MaryDenman

With a new year dawning and lots of new cameras for Christmas, I thought I'd start out with walking you through an assessment of what you want to do with your photography. This will lead to you figuring out what your strengths and weaknesses are. 

There are so many aspects to learn about photograph. Exciting isn't it? Or maybe overwhelming?

Let's try and get rid of the overwhelming part so you can enjoy your camera and capture special moments of your life. 

Even before we get into the technical or artistic parts of photography, I want to think about your experience with it so far.

PART 1: Ask yourself these questions:

Do you just want to take pictures for yourself? Your family?
Do you want to use your photography on your blog or for social media?
Do you want to enjoy your own photographs more?
Do other people ask you to take pictures for them?
Would you like to become a professional?
Would you like to learn more technical tips to help control your camera or the artistic parts?


Wordless Wednesday: First Frost of the Season

by Mary Denman   @MaryDenman

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday! 

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These are shots of our first hard frost of the year.


Wordless Wednesday: Hawks in Flight & our Puppy

by Mary Denman  @MaryDenman

Welcome to 2016 and Wordless Wednesday.

I took a little blogging break but now I'm back! 

I'll have fresh new photography tips this Friday.

These beautiful hawks were flying overhead while we were walking our puppy.