Wordless Wednesday: Spring Yellows

by Mary Denman                Twitter: @MaryDenman            Instagram:@MaryFDenman

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday! 

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Recent Photo Tip Post: Move to Get a Better Shot
Recent Monday's Musings: Broken, but Beautifully Strong


Monday's Musings: Broken but Beautifully Strong

by Mary Denman                   Twitter: @MaryDenman                 Instagram: @MaryFDenman

Broken, but beautifully strong.
I love butterflies. My mom did, too. They have such an incredible beauty. 

Iridescent scales on their wings. A lightness as you watch them fly. Bright colors that catch your attention. 

As a photographer, it's so fun to try and get shots of butterflies. They move so quickly and sometimes erratically, which makes it a challenge. But the good kind of challenge. 

However, not every picture I get showcases a perfect butterfly. 


Photo Tip Friday: Move to get a Better Shot

by Mary Denman                   Twitter: @MaryDenman                 Instagram: @MaryFDenman

Often, when we're taking pictures, we simple take photos from where we stand. While this can yield some good photos, here are some tips to help you think more about how to get good shots. 

The overall tips? Move to get a better shot. And, learn to brace your camera to get a better shot.

Here are some poses and ideas you can use. 

Let's get started.


Photo Tip Friday: 5 Tips for Taking Better Cell Phone Food Shots

by Mary Denman                         Twitter: @MaryDenman                     Instagram: @MaryFDenman
Coffee by Mary Denman Photography

Today's photography tips are going to be about taking better restaurant food pictures with your cell phone camera. 

There's been an explosion of people doing both undercover food reviews for their blogs and more people wanting to do reviews for sites like TripAdvisor. Both of these require photos to do justice to the food and reviews. 

So, let's go over some tips on how to get great restaurant food shots and what to watch out for! 


Wordless Wednesday: Abyssinian Cats

by Mary Denman                Twitter: @MaryDenman            Instagram: @MaryFDenman

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday! 

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Recently, I saw my sister and her cool cats! 
They're Abyssinian and very interesting.


Monday's Musings: Who's Supporting you in Life?

by Mary Denman                        Twitter: @MaryDenman                   Instagram: @MaryFDenman

In downtown Greenville, SC, there's a great park built around a beautiful waterfall on the Reedy River. 

But this wasn't always the case. 

You see, back in the 50's or so, an engineer decided to put a road right through the falls. One of the columns was in the middle of the waterfall. It wasn't a pretty bridge at all. It was just a sturdy road that wasn't even utilized that much. 

The park that was beneath it was neglected and actually a bit dangerous to go to since it was so isolated. 

Finally, city planners decided to revitalize the downtown area. A contest began for a new pedestrian bridge to be built and the old bridge cars used was torn down. They wanted to showcase the waterfall to visitors and not have the walking bridge detract from the Reedy River. 

They chose the winning design well.  

It's a suspension bridge. There are no support columns directly beneath it.