Monday's Musings: Who's Supporting you in Life?

by Mary Denman                        Twitter: @MaryDenman                   Instagram: @MaryFDenman

In downtown Greenville, SC, there's a great park built around a beautiful waterfall on the Reedy River. 

But this wasn't always the case. 

You see, back in the 50's or so, an engineer decided to put a road right through the falls. One of the columns was in the middle of the waterfall. It wasn't a pretty bridge at all. It was just a sturdy road that wasn't even utilized that much. 

The park that was beneath it was neglected and actually a bit dangerous to go to since it was so isolated. 

Finally, city planners decided to revitalize the downtown area. A contest began for a new pedestrian bridge to be built and the old bridge cars used was torn down. They wanted to showcase the waterfall to visitors and not have the walking bridge detract from the Reedy River. 

They chose the winning design well.  

It's a suspension bridge. There are no support columns directly beneath it. 

Night time shot of the waterfall.
The only two poles visible fall away from the footpath. There are however, ropes of steel that tie back to the poles. Because the poles and ties are "behind" the pedestrians, the view to the waterfall is unadulterated.  

It's a beautiful structure to photograph and to walk on while observing the falls. 

Whether you're on the bridge or beneath it, you can appreciate it's beauty and strength. 

Part of what makes the structure so stunning is that it almost looks like it's just floating. That it's very light. But that's not the case when you see what's supporting the structure. Huge cables. Huge bolts and nuts. 

The true strength of the bridge lies beneath it.
As I marveled at the engineering that went into the bridge, I thought about people I've known who've endured deep trauma, but didn't crumble. People who came out the other side so strong. Just like the bridge. Beautiful yet strong. 

One dear friend lost her daughter before we met. Yes, she still mourns for and misses her daughter. But my friend Dee Dee is one of the most beautiful and strong women I know. She didn't crumble under the weight of watching her daughter suffer from cancer and pass away. Life can't be easy with that kind of ache in your heart. 

Yet Dee Dee exudes love, encouragement and laughter. 

How you may ask?

It's because of who supported her. Who walked with her in the valley. 

Yes, her husband was there with her. But ultimately, God walked every step of the way with her and her husband. 

God can give you the strength to go on when you bury your child, your parents, you lose your job. He can support you in such a way that you can come out beautiful through the adversity. 

Anchored in the bedrock.
I've seen it in my own life and in the lives of others. 

Just like the old, ugly bridge was demolished so the gorgeous suspension bridge could rise over the waterfall and river. Anchored in the bedrock. Floating above the torrents. 

I want to be like that bridge. I want others to see where my anchor is. In the bedrock. 

I want people to see how God supported me in the trials. To be an encouragement to others. 

To know that if God can support a mess like me, he can support anyone. 

Where do your anchors lie? Who's supporting you in life?

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  1. Beautiful pix of the Liberty Bridge and Falls Park, Mary. I remember watching it go up in 2004 when Mom and I had lunch every other day on a path nearby. God was holding us up during those years of crisis and recovery. Just as the bridge is supported by mostly unseen cables, we were (and are) too with Jesus holding us up so we can walk along the path he has for us. Thanks for the picture you've painted here.

    1. That is so neat to know that you watched it go up Ellen! Now, when I see the bridge, I'll think of you and how strong and resilient you are and how good God's grace is.