Wordless Wednesday - Lake Como, Italy

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These are a couple of shots from our trip to Italy a few months ago.  Lake Como was stunningly beautiful! The last shot in this series was where Star Wars was filmed when Padmé Amidala returned home for safety.

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Wordless Wednesday - Grandpap

Today, again, is not so wordless. 

This is a tribute to my sweet father-in-law who passed away May 17, 2013.

Yes, 2 weeks after my mother passed away.

Things have been a little hard around here.

The good news is that we had my daughter's wedding June 2....

But I put my camera down for the wedding. Literally. Down. No where near me. I wanted to enjoy the day completely. So I'm waiting for the photographer's shots just like everyone else.

Maybe next week I'll have those to share. (With permission of course!)

But here's my father-in-law doing what he loved most. Golfing.

Well, putting to be technical.

With his three sons.

This was the weekend of May 11 when the family gathered to celebrate his 83rd birthday.

We're thankful to have memories of his joy of playing with his three sons.

Dearest Pap Pap,

I miss you.

Saying, "Happy, happy, happy!" while clapping your hands together.

Calling me "Baby".

You finished the race well. Your thankfulness to God for a wonderful life shone in your eyes.

Thank you for being in our lives.

Love, Mary

If you think of us and want to pray for us, we would be grateful.

And I truly hope you each have a wonderful Wednesday. 

Tell someone you care about that you love them. Give someone else you love a hug.  

Count each day a blessing.