5 Reasons for a Quality Headshot at Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference

5 Reasons for a Quality Headshot
Edie Melson
As an author, you may be contemplating whether or not you need a good headshot.  Well, if you are serious about your craft, you need to consider investing in a professional headshot.  Why?  There are at least 5 reasons you should consider.
1.    Your headshot may be the first time an editor, reader, or someone who is booking you sees you.  You can't possibly go and meet every editor, reader or casting director in person.  So what precedes you? Your headshot. That first impression can either work for you or against you. Just as your first line is important as a writer, so is your first impression to the audience who awaits you.

2.    Headshots help people make a good decision about who you are. As an author, do you write suspense, romance, mysteries or thrillers? Make sure your headshot reflects who you are and doesn't send a mixed message.  
Lynn Blackburn
     3.    Headshots reflect your level of professionalism. What does a casual, cluttered, improperly centered photo say about you?  That you're casual about your craft. It may not seem fair, but that's the impression you give. If a so-so shot is good enough to tell people about you, then how much time will you spend on your craft?  A so-so amount? You need leave your comfort zone and get the best shot you can to show you're committed to excellence in your craft. And yes authors, that means you!

Alycia Morales
4.    Good headshots have a variety of uses.  For authors, headshots can be used for social networking sites as your profile picture, on your business card, on your website, as your accompanying photo in print articles and for the holy grail of writing, on the back of your novel. Don't think you have to hit the "big time" first in order to need a good head shot. Once you are serious about the craft of writing, reflect that with a quality headshot.

5.    It's fun! I realize I may have just lost you here, but stay with me.  When you were a kid, did you enjoy playing dress-up or dreaming about being a superhero? This is your chance to have a little fun and recapture a little of your childhood. Writers, you create entire worlds for your readers to enter and then invite them in with your first line. Invite them to read your article or book with an inviting photo. Let go of your fears of how you look. Express who you are and have fun with it!

Dan Case
Looking forward to seeing you through the lens of my camera at Blue Ridge!