Photo Tip Friday: How to use your Photos to Create Memes for your Blog

by Mary Denman  @MaryDenman

Have you ever seen great looking memes online and wish you could create them for your blog? 

Well, today, I'm going to teach you a few things about how to create memes using your own photos. 

We'll cover a couple of different aspects about creating memes. 

One part will be about thinking ahead and learning to frame shots for use as memes. Another part will be about cropping shots you already have to create great memes. 

Let's get started.


Wordless Wednesday: Flowers of Summer

by Mary Denman @MaryDenman

Thanks for dropping by for Wordless Wednesday!

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Monday's Musings: When Life is out of Control
Photo Tip Friday: Horizontal versus Vertical in Photography

Enjoy the summer flowers! 



Monday's Musings: When Life is Out of Control

by Mary Denman  @MaryDenman

There are very definitely times when life is out of control. 

Times when we can't muscle through. Try harder. Work smarter. 

I know. I live that life at times. 

You see, I have migraines. 

They aren't all exactly alike. 

There are the ones where I  have to shut down and move to a dark, cool room to try and reduce the stimuli. For hours. Even walking hurts my head. 

Or, I may have a simmering migraine that won't go away for days. 

Then there are the ones that simmer for days and then flares. 

I've had to of the the Emergency Room because of them. I've actually been hospitalized to try and stop them. 

They are hard to live with. 

Yet, I do. 

I do live with them. 


Photo Tip Friday: Horizontal versus Vertical in Photography

by Mary Denman  @MaryDenman

Have you ever wondered whether it was better to compose a picture from a vertical or horizontal position? (Also known as portrait versus landscape.)

Today's photography tips will help you know whether to use horizontal versus vertical to get the best shot. Or at least teach you how to try it both ways to get the photo you most want.

Let's get started:


Wordless Wednesday: A Day at the Lake

by Mary Denman    @MaryDenman

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday! 

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I hope you enjoy a few shots from a couple of days at the lake I enjoyed recently with my writing friends. 

A Day at the Lake


Monday's Musings: 5 Life Lessons I Learned from my Cats

by Mary Denman      @MaryDenman

Recently, I realized that I've learned several life lessons from my cats. Especially our most recent additions. They were rescue kittens and I'm so blessed to have them. 

What could a couple of furry felines teach me? 

Let me count the ways and share how they apply to my life. 

I've learned:

1) That it feels great to have someone greet me at the door. Seriously, they come running when I get home. They are just so happy I'm back and want to see me. 


Photo Tip Friday: What to do with all your Photos

by Mary Denman @MaryDenman
Photo Tips
Once you've been taking pictures for a while, whether it's months or years, you may start wondering what to do with all the photos you've taken. 

While this may first make you think of storage and organization solutions, I'm talking about putting your shots to good use. 

Today's photography tip is seeing how many different ways you can use your photos for both yourself and for others. 

If you think of your shots as a way to bless others, it's more fun to figure out how to put them to good use! 

Let's get started: 


Wordless Wednesday: Birds on a Feeder

by Mary Denman

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These birds were on my dad's thistle feeder. 
Enjoy the American Goldfinches and House Finches!

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American Goldfinch by Mary Denman


Monday's Musings: New Year's Resolution Check-up

by Mary Denman

Resilient flowers by Mary Denman Photography
So it's the middle of 2015, give or take a few days. How are your New Year's Resolutions going? Do you even remember what they are? 

Maybe you went the one word route. Instead of a lot of resolutions, you picked one word of focus for the year. 

This is what I did. 

My word? Overcome. 

But it hit me recently that I had almost forgotten my one word. That meant it was time for a mental check-up.


Photo Tips Friday: Photographing Special Events

by Mary Denman

Documenting special events 
Today's photography tip is learning how to photograph special events. These are special times in our lives that we want to document. Some special events are recurring like Christmas, Hanukah, or birthdays. Others occur infrequently like each child's graduation from high school. Others are once in a lifetime. A wedding or special vacation trip.

Photographing special events is fun. At least to me! It's a challenge to photograph small details and meaningful shots that capture the feel of the event.

What are some tips that will help? 

Let's get started.


Wordless Wednesday: Fireworks!

by Mary Denman

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These were shots from 4 July 2015! 

Enjoy and join LINKY below! 

4th of July fireworks by Mary Denman


Monday's Musings: The Eisenhower Principle: What are my Priorities?

by Mary Denman

Priorities in life....what's really important?
After taking some time off from blogging to try and evaluate how I get things done, or not done as the case may be, I came to a conclusion. I need to build in time to think. Regular time.

And, I need time to clarify what’s really important in life and where I spend my energy.

Part of what I looked at was the Eisenhower Matrix of time management.

It really helped me start thinking more clearly. Not just about time, but about my priorities. I’m not totally there yet, but it’s been a good start!

It’s different than writing out goals or dreams. While both of those are very important, I struggled to implement them.

This is where the Eisenhower Principle of decision-making came in. So, what is this methodology?

Eisenhower was quoted as saying, “I have two kinds of problems: the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent."

Which eventually led to four categories. Any given task falls under one of them.


Photo Tip Friday: Taking Better Firework Pictures

by Mary Denman

by Mary Denman

With July 4th celebrations fast approaching, it's time to learn how to take better firework photos!

It may seem difficult, but if know what to change on your camera, you can do this.

Let's get started!