Photo Tip Friday: Move to get a Better Shot

by Mary Denman                   Twitter: @MaryDenman                 Instagram: @MaryFDenman

Often, when we're taking pictures, we simple take photos from where we stand. While this can yield some good photos, here are some tips to help you think more about how to get good shots. 

The overall tips? Move to get a better shot. And, learn to brace your camera to get a better shot.

Here are some poses and ideas you can use. 

Let's get started.


When you need to steady your camera for a shot, use your body.

Notice how Cindy has her arms pulled into her sides and how she has one hand underneath the camera?

This is a very stable position. It can be used when the original shot is blurry. You can also change your aperture or ISO, but if you're in a hurry, this pose might just do the trick. 


Here, Cindy saw the late afternoon striking the moss on the tree trunk.

She leaned in to get to the level she wanted to be.

This picture would make a cool meme.


Cindy turned her camera in the vertical position to get a cool shot of some leaves.

Move your camera between horizontal and vertical. Try both to see which highlights your subject better.


When something catches your eye, stop and compose the shot. Even if this means kneeling down. 

Here, my friend Cindy took a knee to look between the posts of the fence. 

By doing this, she got a better angle on her subject. 


If you need to take a longer exposure and don't have your tripod around, find something to rest your camera on. 

We put the camera on the fence post, but it wasn't quite pointed where we wanted it. So, we found a rock and propped the camera up to the level we wanted it for the subject.

Then, use the self-timer feature to eliminate shake when you push the shutter release button. 

A really practical way to prop your camera, if you don't want to take the tripod, is to use a bean bag. It conforms to lots of different shapes. I used a bag of rice once while shooting waterfalls. 

Of course, there are also lots of "pods" on the market that attach to your camera and whatever you can attach the pod to. Research these and make sure it's adequate to hold the weight of your camera and lens. 

So, don't just stand there taking pictures. Move your body to get in better positions! You'll be surprised how much it will improve your photography! 




  1. Mary great ideas. I've gotten into strange positions myself, but never thought to use my body to steady the camera.

    1. Thanks Mary! I've laid down on the ground, held the camera over a wall, several hundred feet up on a tower.....I'm always safe, but I love to get a good shot! :)

  2. Thanks for the tips. I am trying to improve my picture taking skills.