Monday's Musings - Wandering

by Mary Denman
Twitter: @MaryDenman
Instagram: @MaryFDenman

Last week, instead of taking the normal route home, I decided to explore a road I had never traversed.

I'm glad I did.

We can get into ruts in our lives. Being productive. Being efficient. Being busy.

While all of those things are fine, in and of themselves, we often forget to dream, ponder, or experience new things because we have so much "to do".

I have certainly found that to be true in my life.

So, I decided to take my camera and see what I could find on the back roads.

It was really fun even though it only lasted about 30 minutes.

I found an apple stand in the mountains where they were making fresh applesauce. It smelled like my grandma's home! Even though she passed away about 40 years ago, that smell took me straight back to being a little girl. I loved my grandparents and visiting them. Great memories flooded back.

Then, I enjoyed the scenery, back roads, cows, a dog, and flowers all around.

I took time to stop and interact with my surroundings. To think about my life. To enjoy having no where in particular to go.

Not all those who wander are lost - J.R.R. Tolkien

That's very true. Sometimes we need to wander, to get lost. To get out of our routines. To experience new things.

I'm glad I did, because now, when I look at pictures from that day, I'll remember being on the phone with my dad, talking about the apples he grew up eating and about his parents, my grandparents. A throwback in time. One I will cherish for a long time to come.

How can you chose to wander in your busy life, enjoying what's around you?

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  1. Nothing like time out in nature and it looks like you have some beautiful surroundings. Popping by from Creative Monday

    1. Thanks for dropping by! I love the look of your farm! If we ever make it to England... :)

  2. Aww lovely pictures Mary :)

    thanks for linking up #CreativeMondays

  3. Sorry to wandering so late in the week was actually here to find your Wordless Wednesday! I have a really low attention span, in fact if I was at school these days they'd probably medicate me and call me ADHD - haha! It means I love change and I love going off the beaten track. Great post - just perfect for me thank you!
    Wren x