Wordless Wednesday - Hawk in Flight

by Mary Denman
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So, a funny thing happened while my son was mowing the yard....

A hawk, which may be a red-tail hawk, buzzed him....

My son just felt a blast of wind to look up and have this hawk flying over his head. My son said if he had reached up, he could have touched the wings. 

The bird sat on our second story roof while my son grabbed my camera. 
I joined him and got pictures of the bird in the tree by our house. 
Don't let the scale fool you...

This bird was big. 
He was up about 40 feet (12 meters) in the tree. 

What's so weird is that this is the third time I've personally seen this bird 
(or another in this family) in our yard. 
We DON'T live in the country. That's what makes it so odd.

The first time, I pulled up the driveway to come eye to eye with the hawk, eating a morning dove. We just stared at each other and he took his prey while I watched him fly off, over my car. His wing span was about 4 feet. (1.2 meters)

Why he decided to buzz my son? No clue. Just happy he kept his talons to himself!!

Mary Denman Photography
Mary Denman Photography

Now this is cool. Notice there are 3 hawks in this last picture?
I think it's the mom, dad and their younger hawk with them!

So much for WORDLESS!!


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  1. Hawks are beautiful raptors. Such keen sense of sight and smell. Incredible bird.

    1. Well, my son is 13, maybe he smelled like prey but the hawk thought better of it with the lawn mower running! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. What an awesome encounter. Glad your son is o.k. and you got such gorgeous pictures. I love the third one from the bottom, the backlit feathers - beautiful

    1. His heart was racing! I think he will enjoy telling the story over the years! And we have pictures to prove it!

  3. Wonderful photos, I like to catch this beautiful bird.

    1. Thank you Leovi! It was beautiful! I love your art for this week! Your work amazes me!

  4. Wow, that is amazing!! Love that shot!

  5. That is so neat and it's cool that your son wanted to get a picture of it. My kids usually roll their eyes when my camera is around, but yesterday my son told me to grab my camera and take a picture of our cat, Prince, watching a Peahen that was right next to him in our front garden. I missed the best photo looking for my camera, but I still got a good shot of the two of them. :)

  6. Good captures Mary :-)

    Have a hawktastic week ;-)

  7. Great shots Mary, love the birds with their wings spread out :)

  8. Awesome captures Mary!!
    Happy WW!

  9. You do a fine job of capturing the best in photos, the hawk is awesome.
    Thanks for stopping by today!!! Wishing you a great day!!

  10. That's crazy, isn't it?? My husband had one on his mail route right in the city too. He told me about it and one day when we drove up to see him for lunch, we saw it. It was huge!

  11. Every time my son sees 2 animals together he says that its mom, dad and baby too! Amazing capture as always =) #ww

  12. Amazing captures! His wing feathers are so fabulous.

  13. Beautiful captures! And I'm glad your son wasn't hurt!

  14. so majestic. what a lucky sight to capture.... but yes, thankfully he keeps his talons to himself.

  15. Nice picture, Nature is full of surprises...
    Great timing on some of these shots