Photo Tip Friday - Learn to Love your Camera: Playing with Perspective

by Mary Denman
Twitter: @MaryDenman
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Today, I want to challenge you to learn to love your camera. 

Why? Because when you learn to enjoy the process of taking pictures, you can really get better with your photography. 

Why? Because you'll allow yourself more freedom to try to take more pictures and try new things. 

Why do you need to do this? Because if you're always hoping for the perfect picture the first time, you'll be disappointed and will want to quit trying. 

But I want you to keep getting better and better. I'm always pushing myself and learning from others. 

So, how does this pertain to playing with perspective? I would love to show you! Let's get started!

After a recent deluge of rain (7 inches in two hours), I headed downtown to photograph the waterfall with it's high flow. (Next Friday's post will be on How to Take Waterfall Shots).

We have an amazing suspension bridge that allows for great pictures above the falls. But the bridge itself is very interesting. So, I took photos from multiple angles and perspectives to showcase the pedestrian bridge. 

If you think about it, most visitors take a few shots of the falls and selfies, but how many make the bridge the subject of a shoot? Not many. This is how you can make your photography stand out. Think of a different perspectives.

I don't want you to think every shot I take is great. I tried this perspective, portrait (or vertical), with the railing in the foreground. It really didn't look good. But I'm letting you see it to show you that I don't give up if a shot doesn't work. I try just something else.

Landscape (or horizontal) orientation seemed to work better for the bridge and falls.

I waited until most of the people were past me but I wanted someone in the shot to be a reference for the size of the bridge.

Landscape was working well so I actually set my camera down on the walkway. I love the look of this one. Why? Because it's different. 

The picture with the person in it is from eye level. It's the level you normally view life from.

But in this second picture, it's from a completely different perspective. 

For Cell Phone Users: The beauty of smart phone cameras is that you can see what you're taking on a decent sized screen. Cell phone cameras are easy to move around. Hold them extra high and try a shot.

For Bloggers: Just as I took several shots of the foot bridge, you can blog from different directions. Have different perspectives. So think about what you're trying to accomplish. Is there an overall, big idea that drives your blog like the first picture above? Or have you found more of a niche with your blog, a fresh perspective like the last shot? Think about what you're trying to accomplish and focus in on how best to do that. 

Assignment: I would love for you to grab your camera, walk out in your yard, or just do a mini-shoot around your home. Just find a subject and try taking unique or crazy shots of it. 

Big Idea: Play with perspective! Try to think of different way of looking at a subject. Plan on making mistakes. But also prepare for some cool shots to photograph!

Hope this tip helps!

Keep on clicking!


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  1. Im a cell phone camera user, I do like the wide view before taking, and a cell phone camera corrects the lighting. I rarely use my camera anymore. Thanks for sharing your camera tips this week!!

    1. You're welcome Karren! I can't wait to upgrade my iPhone 4 to a 6. I know the camera will be soooo much better!

      Have a great day!

  2. I always have a Kodak Easyshare in my purse. Occasionally I'll use my camera phone, But that pesky HDR feature is a nuisance! I love photography, and cropping comes in handy. :-)

    1. I rarely lead my house without my big camera. I just love finding interesting things to photograph. Do you have an iPhone? You can turn off the HDR on it.

      Have a great day!

  3. Love playing with perspective, but sometimes I forget about that tip. Thanks for the reminder, friend!

    1. You're welcome Ginger! Hope you're doing well. Talk to you soon!