Photo Tip Fridays

Today’s tip for taking better photographs is about Perspective.

I noticed some delicate roses running up a wrought iron railing in my neighbor’s yard.  After checking with her, I set about taking pictures of the flowers.

This first shot isn’t really all that special. But it shows what caught my eye. It has soft colors against strong lines and is generally interesting. Well, at least to me.

But there’s no well-defined focal point in this shot.

So, I changed my perspective and walked to the foot of the stairs. That’s when I took this photo. This is closer to what I was trying to capture. Notice the strong black line of the railing that cuts through the photograph. It’s in stark contrast to the soft greens and yellows of the vegetation. And, the sharp right angles of the brick stairs also form a contrast.

Then, I sat down on the stairs and looked through the railing. I used the wrought iron to frame the picture and moved in close on a clump of roses. Again, by changing my perspective, I created a completely different feel to a photo of the same subject.

Finally, I set my camera on the railing and looked back up. This is my favorite shot. I love the lines and softness, juxtaposed next to each other.

The lesson here is that when you see something that catches your fancy, try a different perspective to see how the photographs come out. Some may work and some may not. But push yourself and keep getting better. 

I hope this tip helps. 

Keep on clicking!


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  1. Mary,

    I'm catching up on my back reading in my email. I'm really enjoying all of your photography hints. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    (And your photos are lovely, as always.)

    Miss you!