Photo Tip Friday

Today’s photo tips are on doing a photo shoot with people.

While we all love to grab the camera and snap shot here and there, we can learn to use our talents for other people. One way to do this is to do a photo shoot for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, engagements, births, graduations etc.

Here are some shots of an engagement shoot that I did a few years ago. Next week, I’ll show shots from a more recent shoot. One thing you will notice is a big difference in how the overall shoot turned out. Why? Because each couple is different. As a photographer, you need to learn to clue in to what’s important to them and how to make them feel most comfortable.

So, let’s get started.

I caught a sweet moment between them while they were just sitting on a bench. Notice how Doug’s hand is lovingly holding Patience. This picture speaks of the tenderness in their relationship.

Another mood shot was with the hydrangeas in front and the two of them in the background, just focusing on each other. Their love and tenderness shows through.

Here’s the next one. Notice the little gleam in Patience's eyes? Doug even cracked a smile for me.

Then, I took a close up of Patience, focusing on her intense eyes. The black and white makes her stand out.

Finally, here’s a fun one of her. Can you see the personality in her hidden grin? We had fun with the pictures.

To be honest, getting his picture taken wasn’t a comfortable thing for Doug. But working with him, and making him feel more comfortable yielded some good results.

So, experiment a little with your shoots. Try close-ups, talk to the couple, say funny or off the wall things to make them laugh and have your camera ready!

Hope these tips help.           

Keep on clicking.


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