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One Subject – Multiple Shots

Today’s post is about using different perspectives and I have photos of a beautiful horse to illustrate how you can take multiple shots of one subject and keep it interesting.

So, while on a hike, I came across this scene. The rider graciously allowed me to take some photos. As you can see from the first shot, I have taken a vertical picture of the horse. Notice that I haven’t cut the horse off at the knees. I also made sure there was an equal amount “blank space” around the horse and rider. This is a nice overall shot, but watch what happens when I take a horizontal shot.

This shot has a different feel to it. One photo isn’t necessarily better than the other. The horizontal picture does give you a better feel for how big the horse is than the vertical picture.

But let’s move in closer. Here’s a shot of the horse’s head. Notice how different this looks from my first two photos. It’s focusing more on the horse, rather than the horse and rider. And you can see the head covering more clearly.

And let’s move in once more. I focused the shot on the horse’s eye. It captures more of the horse’s personality. Look at those lashes! Again, this photo show cases the subject in a very different way than the first three pictures.

When you come across a scene that catches your eye, explore the subject from different perspectives.

Hope this tip helps.

Keep on clicking.


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