Monday's Musings

I'll let you in on a secret. I'm trying to grow my blog.

Why should this interest you? Because I want your blog to grow, too!

I admit that I've had some help in learning what to do. I have a friend. And her advice is really working. So I would like to introduce you to my friend and Social Media Coach, Edie Melson.

Edie Melson
Edie has a great blog entitled The Write Conversation. She makes sure her info is up to date and useful. She has tips on growing your blog, using social media, tips for writing (which applies whether or not you have a blog), and weekend worship.

I'd love it if you go to her site to check it out. You may learn a thing or two.

I can attest to the fact that I'm following her advise and my blog is growing. But I want to share this wonderful information with you!

Here are a couple of head shots of Edie. She's one of my favorite people to do photo shoots with!

Edie Melson

Go check out her site and let me know what you think!

Thanks for stopping by! See you on Wordless Wednesday.


  1. Wow! I came by to read your post and schedule to social media and got a surprise. I'm totally humbled.

    And I want to make a confession (Mary already knows) through the years my most hated thing was finding myself in a picture. I hated the way I looked so badly all the mirrors in my house were hung above eye level. Mary changed all that. Through her gentle coaching I began to see less of my flaws and more of the real me. If you suffer from the same feelings as me, get in touch with Mary and let her open your eyes to the REAL you! Blessings my friend, Edie

    1. Edie, I'm happy I surprised you. You've been such an amazing help and great friend that I wanted to share your words of wisdom with others. I'm blessed to know you personally, but I want others to be blessed by knowing you as well through your blog!

      Edie is a natural in front of the camera as is evidenced by her shots!

      Thanks for your kind words Edie!

  2. Good luck growing your blog, how many followers do you have now? I've noticed with own blog it's been hard to get followers because I don't write about one specific topic. It sounds like you have good support, you're lucky to have a social media coach for a friend! :) Danica

    1. Thanks for dropping by Danica. If you click on Edie's name above, you can go to her site - The Write Conversation. (It' also on the side bar.) She has tons of posts to go through.

      But I'll give you come advice she gave me. Find your voice. Then stick to a schedule.

      She and I started blogs at the same time. She has close to 90,000 hits while I'm just edging toward 5,000 hits. Why? Because she honed in fairly quickly on what she wanted to do. She helps writers and helps them learn to use Social Media.

      If you go back to my original posts, I just posted cool pictures. But I didn't really have a focus. I am also a writer and I tried doing some writing tips, but that still wasn't it. But now I have a clearer goal. I want to help teach people about photography on Fridays, give them something interesting on Mondays and link up with Wordless Wednesdays.

      I popped by your blog. You're off to a good start. Go back through your posts and see if you see a trend in what you write about. Maybe Mondays could be about the Netherlands and how things are similar or different from the US. That would be interesting for sure. And definitely put pictures with those posts! I love to see other countries. Then do Wordless Wednesday. Then a Friday post. List your schedule on your side bar. Then people will know what to expect.

      Finally, visit other blogs and leave comments.

      Think in terms of helping your readers.

      Anyway, that's the nut shell version of what Edie says. But go to her site. She has way more information!