Photo Tip Friday

Friday Photography Tip: Using parallel lines in photos.

A more advanced technique in taking pictures is learning to use parallelism. This photography tip will take your photographs to a new level. It’s not a tool that you would use everyday. But once you start looking for it, you will be pleasantly surprised how it improves some shots.

Wild Turkeys
Here’s a shot of a couple of wild turkeys. The turkeys take a prominent place in the photo. But notice the barbed wire that literally frames the picture? It makes the photo more interesting. And, as in writing, the barbed wire provides a hook for your viewer. Literally and figuratively. Why is there barbed wire in the shot? Where was this taken? A plain shot becomes more interesting.

Lovely Roses
Here’s another shot. Notice how the rose in the front is clear while the rose in the background is blurred. The rose in the background parallels the rose in the foreground even though one is in focus and the other one isn’t.

Icy Flowers
I love this photo for a couple of reasons. One is for the parallelism. The two stalks of the plants are naturally parallel to each other. But I also love the fact that these early spring blossoms are encased in ice. It makes the shot distinct and different than what you expect to see.

You may have to look a little harder to find parallelism in a shot, but when you do, you’ll have a better photograph for it.

If you want me to pop by your site and look at some of you shots, just let me know.

Hope this tip helps.

Keep on clicking.



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    1. Have a great weekend Carol! Glad the suggestions can help.

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