Wordless Wednesday: The Masters at Augusta National

by Mary Denman    @MaryDenman

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I got to go the MASTERS practice rounds on Wednesday, 8 April 2015.....
It was so cool to see the golfers with their kids, Tiger Woods included!!
There were several errant balls on our hole. 
One man got hit on his shin and got 2 signed golf balls, AND got invited to actually putt a few times right there with the players!!
I think he was glad he got hit!! 

I'm not name dropping (cough, cough) but we saw: Jack Nicklaus, Ben Crenshaw, Gary Player, Fred Couples, Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn, Ray Floyd, and Condoleezza Rice...

And, once I can watch the tutorial on how to start my photography website, you'll be able to see more pictures from the Masters! 
I'll keep you posted on that! 

Ben Crenshaw, Gary Player at the Masters by Mary Denman

Condoleezza Rice at the Masters by Mary Denman Photography

The Bear, Jack Nicklaus at the Masters by Mary Denman Photography

Jack, Gary and Benat the Masters by Mary Denman Photography

Jordan Spieth at the Masters by Mary Denman Photography

The Masters by Mary Denman Photography

Errant shots at the Masters by Mary Denman Photography

The man who got hit in the shin at the Masters by Mary Denman Photography

Ryan Palmer's son at the Masters by Mary Denman Photography

Tiger Woods at the Masters by Mary Denman Photography

Tiger Woods and his kids at the Masters by Mary Denman Photography

Tiger, Lindsey Vonn and his children at the Masters by Mary Denman Photography

Tiger's son caddying

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  1. Mary what a great experience, we watched part of the Masters, I wish tiger could make a come back! So nice to see his family. What fun for you to be able to have the opportunity to take these great pictures. The grounds at Augusta are fabulous!!

    Thank you for hosting, and for sharing on OMHGWW this week!!
    Hope you enjoy your coming week!
    Karren @Oh My Heartsie Girl

  2. How neat! I loved that that young man won the tournament. Did you get to see him too? Sorry, I can't remember his name now.

  3. Great shots!
    Thanks for sharing at

  4. What a fun time. Those are some great shots.

  5. That is super cool. Wow. I really want to go there. Instead I will be going to the LPGA event here in a couple of weeks.

  6. I am not a golf fan, and if you had asked I would have told you I don't follow it at all. To my surprise, I found I knew many of the names you have photos of here. It is always such an honor to get to see such talented people. Beautiful shot too.

  7. A wonderful event, it must be fun to live it live! Nice photos!

  8. Oh wow Mary, what an amazing day :-) beautiful pictures..

  9. Love the Tiger Woods photos and how cool that he brought his children to work =)

  10. Mary, my husband is gonna love these photos! :)
    I noticed the colorful reflections in the water. And you're right, the dude that got hit looks mighty happy about it!

  11. Well that it was an event! Nice pics too. :)

  12. How exciting, this looks like a lot of fun! Have a good day.

  13. Happy Wednesday and thank you for hosting! xx Ashleigh @SimplyWright

  14. Some great photos, I grew up in Augusta and only attended once. Looking at your photos brings back fond memories.