Photo Tip Friday: Tips for Changing Perspective and Improving your Photography

by Mary Denman   @MaryDenman

Tulips to help teach perspective by Mary Denman

Today's post will be looking at these 4 tulips to illustrate how perspective affects your photography. 


Because these flowers are in a fixed location, it will be easy to show you how much your perspective can change what your pictures can look like. 

Using different perspectives can make the difference between a bad, good, or great photo! 

NOTE: All of the photos today were taken during one day,  either at 11:45 am or 6:15 pm. None of them have been edited except for cropping. 

Let's get started.

COLLAGE 1: Same flowers, 3 perspectives.

COLLAGE 1: Same flowers, 3 perspectives by Mary Denman Photography

In COLLAGE 1, I want to show you how different these tulips can look by changing your perspective.

In the 1st of the 3 shots, notice the brown mulch background.  
In the 2nd of the 3 shots, notice the white gravel background. 
In the 3rd of the 3 shots, notice the green grass background. 

Can you see the huge difference? 

Instead of only taking the first shot I saw, I took more photos, but used differing perspectives to see which I liked the best. 

How can they be that different?

TIP 1: By walking or moving around a subject, it changes the backdrop for your subject. This flowerpot was right by a gravel walkway in my neighbor's yard. Mulch filled the bed up to the path which then led into the lush, green grass. By walking around, I got to choose which color I thought set off the flowers the best. 

TIP 2: Moving around also changes the relation of the flowers to each other. 

TIP 3: By moving around your subject, it also means that you see your subject in different light. Literally. The sun can't be in front of, beside, and behind your subject simultaneously. But by re-positioning yourself, you can control where the light is hitting your subject. 

Let's move on.

COLLAGE 2: One flower, 2 very distinct perspectives.

COLLAGE 2: Different perspectives by Mary Denman Photography
In COLLAGE 2 above, I took these photos to show you how perspective can take a well worn topic and make it fresh. 

We've all seen beautiful tulips, open and soaking in the sunlight....

But have you ever looked at a closed tulip straight down? Probably not, or at least not often. 

This is the same tulip. But look at the difference because of a changed perspective. 

I push myself to see "tried and true" photo opportunities in a new way. 

How do you do this?

TIP 4: Think about how to take a picture from a new angle. Get a fresh perspective! From the side, the bottom, the top, from above, below, inside, outside... 

So, I encourage you to realize how important perspective is to making your photography stand out. 

For BLOGGERS: As you practice your photography, you'll feel more comfortable using your own images for your blog. This is great for a couple of reasons. 

1) Your own photography can help your with the creative side of your blog. Think content! Either your photos can inspire or illustrate your posts. Both are valuable. 

2) Your photography can help you avoid copyright infringements. This is real and can be a huge deal. Just because you see an image on the internet does not make it free! Many an innocent blogger has used images found online and then found themselves in hot water with attorneys and lawsuits. Sad, but very true! 

Hope these tips help!

Keep on clicking.


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  1. Hi Mary, thanks for sharing your tips. It's good to look at the different photos to really engage with those ideas. I think I do these things but haven't really stopped to think about what I am doing or what it is achieving.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. A little thought will go a along way in helping your photography.

      Love your custom Easter eggs!

  2. Oh my I do love tulips, I saw your post on My Turn For Us and had to pop over.
    Hope you will join us for Friday Features today!!

    Happy Friday Have a great day!

    1. Hi Karren, linked! I hope you have a blessed Easter!

  3. Beautiful pictures Mary :) Red is my favourite colour..

  4. Great tips. Thank you! And your photos are beautiful (as are your tulips!)

  5. Beautiful flower shots.

  6. Collages are a great idea! I'll keep that in mind. Totally agree that you can get all different perspectives from one subject by walking around it and seeing it at different angles.

  7. great tips! thanks you so much for sharing them...sometimes we keep taking the objects from the same angle, so it's good to change the perspectives..

  8. How encouraging your posts are, Mary. Thank you.