Photo Tip Friday: Tips for Taking Unique Photos

by Mary Denman       @MaryDenman

Masters by Mary Denman Photography

Today, I want to talk to you about taking unique shots. I was able to attend the Wednesday practice round at the Masters at Augusta Nationals this week! It includes a par 3 tournament.

One of the best parts about attending the practice rounds is that cameras are allowed. About 30 - 40,000 patrons a day attend. Thousands and thousands, armed with cameras. So what could make my shots different? How could I stand out? 

I was only taking the pictures for me and my family, and to share here. So why was I thinking about unique photos? Because I keep pushing myself to be a better photographer. To see picture opportunities others might miss. To document the feel of the event. 

So let's run through these shots and see why I took them. 

Photo 1: The Masters 2015 - April 8 by Mary Denman
PHOTO 1: Once you enter Augusta National, you realize you're in a very different place. The grounds are immaculate. The staff (even going into and out of the bathrooms) greet you with a warm welcome. 

As you move towards the course, you have to walk through here. A tree covered avenue through the gift shops. Aren't the trees amazing?

I took this shot to capture the feel of being at the Masters. Polite crowds are part of the experience. 

You don't see shots like this on TV. You have to go to experience this. But I want to share it with you! 

TIP 1: Take an overall, big picture shot that conveys the feel of the location. Whether it's the beach, your home, or a movie set, take an overall shot. It captures a moment in time that you can go back to and remember. 

Photo 2: The Masters 2015 - April 8 by Mary Denman

PHOTO 2: Speaking of television, want to see what the cameramen have to do to get their shots? Here you go. 

I wanted to document a behind the scenes part of the Masters with this shot. 

The cameraman set up his location and spent the day filming the golfers at the first tee on the par 3 course. 

TIP 2: Look for behind the scenes shots. What makes the event you're photographing tick? Behind the scenes can literally be whatever is behind your subject. Or you can turn around and take shots looking the other direction of everyone else. 

Photo 3: The Masters 2015 - April 8 by Mary Denman

PHOTO 3: I love this one. The golfers get all the attention. But the caddies work hard!  

This caddy was watching the golfers putt and he kept playing with his empty water bottle. So I focused in on that. Notice he's put his back pockets to use. 

Photo 4: The Masters 2015 - April 8 by Mary Denman

PHOTO 4: This one tells a story! This man got hit on his shin with an errant tee shot. Webb Simpson came over with a signed ball and apologized. The joked. The man laughed.

Bubba Watson, last year's winner, then walked up with another ball, signed by himself and Rickie Fowler. He proclaimed very loudly, "Here, Rickie and I both signed this one. It's worth more!" The crowd burst out laughing! 

The par 3 is a fun course! 

Photo 5: The Masters 2015 - April 8 by Mary Denman

PHOTO 5: I just wanted to show you how beautiful even the sand traps are at Augusta. They are raked to perfection with clean, white sand. The grass surrounding them is rich and cut to perfection. 

This is a detail of the course that shows you how much they care about this tournament. 

TIP 3: Zoom in! Look for details that others might not see. 

Challenge yourself to take unique shots whenever you pull out your camera! Get the shot you want, then take a couple more! 


For BLOGGERS: As you practice photography, you'll feel more comfortable using your own images for your blog. This is great for a couple of reasons. 

1) Your own photography can help your with the creative side of your blog. Think content! Either your photos can inspire or illustrate your posts. Both are valuable. 

2) Your photography can help you avoid copyright infringements. This is real and can be a huge deal. Just because you see an image on the internet does not make it free! Many an innocent blogger has used images found online and then found themselves in hot water with attorneys and lawsuits. Sad, but very true! By using your own pictures, you can avoid this all together. 

Hope these tips help!

Keep on clicking! 


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  1. Hi Mary, hope your having a lovely Saturday :) Great tips.

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop..

    1. Thanks Claire! I hope you have a great weekend too and enjoy your warming weather!

  2. Hi Mary
    This post is packed full of really useful tips for me, my blog is storytelling my life and the places. The photos are so intrinsic to this that I often start with what photos do I have and go from there. It can be quite haphazard, especially as I only use a phone camera so the quality is not always as I would like, but now if I just follow your points above and cover each of these, it will be a great help!
    Thank you Mary!
    Wren x

    1. I'll do a post soon on cell phone photography to try and give specific tips! I really love your blog Wren. You've got a good eye and some really nice shots! Just keep practicing!

    2. Thank you that is really sweet of you to say - made my day! I will keep practicing, I promise. One of the real joys of blogging are the connections made, it is so lovely to have you in my blogging world Mary :)
      Wren x

  3. Great pictures. Pinned and tweeted. We appreciate you being a part of our party. Please stop by on Monday at 7 pm. Happy Sunday! Lou Lou Girls

    1. Thanks Kimberly! Thanks for hosting the party!!

  4. Great tips, Mary! It's a real skill to look for and capture the "behind the scenes". And you're right - they have a story just as interesting as the "straight to the point" subject.
    Love the story about the signed golfballs :)

    1. Thanks Grace! :) It was so special to get to watch that unfold right in front of me! It'll be a great memory.

      Have a wonderful day!