Photo Tip Friday: Photography Gift Ideas

by Mary Denman       Twitter: @MaryDenman     Instagram: @MaryFDenman

Christmas is fast approaching and you may still be trying to figure out what gifts to give loved ones and friends. 

You can use your photography for gifts and you can give thoughtful gifts to your photographer friends! 

Let's start with some ideas of how to bless others with your photography and use it for gifts!


1) Take pictures for someone this holiday as a gift! Give a coupon for a photo session!

2) Make a photo book of special times together from the previous year. Or a special trip you took. While we often think of photo books for big occasions like weddings, they make a great gift for lots of special times. 

3) Give framed art. Use one of your photos as a gift and have it framed. 

4) Make a personalized calendar! Use your photos and you can customize the calendar to your recipient with family birthdays and anniversaries on it. 

5) Have a photo printed on a blanket! It is the winter and who doesn't love a soft blanket? You can put the grandkids, your pets or a swim team on a it! It's a great memory and it's practical! 

But, you may have a photographer in your life and may want to know what to give them. Here are a few ideas. 


1) A gift card to the Mac App store or the Google App store, depending on their phone or computer. Then, they can get apps for their phone or computer that are photography related. 

2) Photography jewelry. This could be a necklace, ring, earnings. It's a fun way for them to say they're a photographer. 

3) Accessories for their camera. Things like a camera bag, an extra battery, an extra SD card. 

4) A customized camera strap! These are becoming popular and it's a fun way to get rid of boring factory straps.

5) A camera lens mug or Christmas ornament. 

6) A trip to a fantastic location to shoot exotic scenes! Okay, so maybe that's a tad much....but your photographer would love you for life! 

Hope these suggestions help! 
Have a wonderful Christmas! 


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