Photo Tip Friday: 3 Tips for Taking Better Father's Day Photos

by Mary Denman     @MaryDenman
If you're lucky enough to get to spend Father's Day with your dad, make sure you take your camera and get some special shots.  

Today's tips are designed to help you think about different ways to capture the special day. 

Hopefully, you'll think a little outside the box and walk away with great memories. 

Let's get started! 

While some tips are obvious, like taking a picture of dad with all the family, others may not be quite so obvious. Click here for my post from last year on Taking Great Father's Day Shots.

In addition to getting shots of your dad with gifts, the meal, and with everyone present, think of what I like to call mood shots.

These are shots that capture the feel or mood of the gathering. 

TIP 1: Take action shots. Capture the movement of the day. 

My dad was sitting in his wheelchair while my husband played with our crazy puppy Liam. Liam was bouncing up off the ground to get the rope. 

See how natural my dad's smile is? 

While this shot may not win an award, it makes me feel like I'm right back there. 

If you have small kids or grandkids around for Father's Day, you're bound to have motion and commotion! Capture it. Use an ISO of 100 or 200 inside and you'll get the blurry effect that shows motion 

TIP 2: Take pictures throughout the day that tell a story. 

My son brought his Rubic's Cube and so my dad picked it up to mess with it. I was sitting beside Daddy and took this shot. 

Liam was sleeping on his lap and you can see my dad holding the cube. 

This shot embodies the mood. He had polio in his 30's and walked until a couple of years ago. 

At 91 1/2, he's earned the right to sit when he wants! And my favorite place to be is right beside him!

TIP 3: Take pictures of the quiet moments. 

Late in the evening, my puppy fell asleep on my dad's leg. Of course he opened his eyes for the picture. But it was such a precious moment. 

Quiet moments happen. 

Pay attention and capture a few of those. 

I hope these tips help you take some great Father's Day shots. 

You can also read last week's post on Personalized Father's Day Gifts from your Photos.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

ASSIGNMENT: Whether you gather with family or not this weekend, grab your camera and shoot throughout the day. Take pictures of your pets, your kids, your spouse! Apply the tips this weekend!

BLOGGERS: Just as each post needs to have a point or tell a story, so does your photography. And as you learn to make sure your photos have a point, you can also apply that to your blogging! 

Happy Father's Day Daddy! I love you!! 




  1. Never thought about taking pix of Fathers' Day before. I often forget my camera, even when headed out somewhere special. Better remember it for our vacation. We're headed to NYC, Quebec, Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Messena where Mom grew up and even more places. Pictures don't do justice to capturing the whole experience, but they do bring back memories.

    1. Well, I'm glad it got you thinking Ellen! I found a picture of my dad cooking in the kitchen from years and years ago. It's special because he helped mom with cooking and he made the best Thanksgiving dressing! I'd like to see some of your shots when you get back!

  2. You have good tips in this blog (although I have a little hard to understand everything in English).
    Have a nice time.

  3. I like the Quiet Moments shots too! Thanks for linking up with Funtastic Friday.

  4. Oh, Mary. This is such an adorable post. It's not Fathers Day in Australia but you have reminded me that I do need to take more photos of my dad. Thank you x

  5. This is the best way to capture the people we love. Too often the photos are staged or we have a fake smile on our lips. These are all really great tips Mary. I hope you had a great day with your Dad. Pinning.