Photo Tip Friday

Part One - Strong Lines in Nature

Today's photo tip is learning how to use strong lines to create unique shots.

Let's get started.

The shot to the right is of an extremely interesting log that is covered in a beautiful striped fungi. Notice the strong vertical line that I used to show off this log? It's not completely centered, but it does run vertically. And it catches your eye.

Don't feel it has to run straight through the center of the frame. But do use vertical lines.

But let's look at a different use of lines.

This hosta leaf doesn't have straight lines. They're curved. So to make this photograph stronger, I made sure to focus fairly closely. I don't have any edges showing because that would introduce other lines that would be distracting.

Close in on your lines to take a better shot.
 And now to some winter shots.

These are icicles. They lend themselves to vertical lines.

Aren't they just beautiful?

These next two shots involve frozen rain on some small branches.

I felt this shot was most powerful taken horizontally. And notice this branch is straight as compared to the next shot which is a curved branch covered in ice.

Try different angles with any subject. While both of these photos are taken horizontally, they have a different feel to them.

And as a parting shot, notice how simple this picture is. I got down low and looked up, using the deep blue, clear sky as a simple background to set off the twig and the single drop of ice.

This shot uses both a vertical and horizontal element to strong effect.

So start looking for strong lines that stand out in nature, and see what gorgeous pictures you can take.

Go grab your camera and experiment.

Hope this tip helps!

Keep on clicking!


  1. Beautiful! Especially love the frozen rain shots :)

  2. These are great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very useful tips, thanks for these. Great pics.

  4. Terrific tips! Your photographs are stunning.

    Btw, have fun planning your daughter's wedding. I'll be blogging more about mine soon - but it was pirate-themed, so my ideas probably won't apply to hers. ;D

    ♥ aquariann
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