Photo Tip Friday

Today's tip for improving your photography is to learn to use light more effectively.

Lighting is a huge topic so I'll apply it to fall leaves.

I'm going to start out with a picture where the lighting wasn't right. Sometime you can try and force a shot, but it just doesn't come out how you really want it.

What's wrong with this picture? Well, the leaves in the foreground are dark. There's not much direct sunlight on the leaves. But the background is extremely bright. In some cases, this might work. But it didn't here. There isn't a good focal point.

How about this shot? See the difference in using proper lighting? This shot pops. It almost looks like it's on fire.

Why? Because I got the lighting right. This tree was in a yard on the corner of a road. So, I drove to the side where the sun was behind the tree, illuminating the leaves.

As I've said before, move around your subject to catch the best angle. Whether it's a tree, person or your pet.

This is a close up of the tree. Notice how I isolated the trunk. I like this photo because it has an interesting contrast. The trunk looks almost black and that sets off the brilliance of the leaves.

This is a different take on using light behind your subject to create a memorable shot.

Again, in this case, the sun was behind the leaf. Look at the shadows created. It takes an ordinary leaf and make a very unique shot.

So, when you're out and about with your camera, look for opportunities to let the sunlight create beautiful moments you can catch.

Go grab your camera and head out.

Hope this tip helps!

Keep on clicking!


  1. Great tips, Mary! Thanks for sharing them. :-)

    1. Hey V! Thanks for dropping by! Have a great day> :)