Monday's Musings

Stunning Beauty

She was dressed in finery.
Clothes of a stunning, organic nature.
Glowing yellows.
Intense oranges.
Subtle reds.
Accents in green.
Or brown.

Highlighted by blues, 
both soft and bold.
Slight shifts of the fabric.
Flowing lines.
Fluid lines.
Ever changing.
Hard to miss.

The wind and sun, only adding to her beauty.
I watched for an hour. Maybe more.
Enjoying her presence.
Utterly mesmerized.

Many drove past.
No one else seemed to even see the remarkable sight.
They neither slowed down, nor stopped.
But I cherished the fact I could see and study such beauty.

For the finery is fleeting.
Leaf by leaf, the tree began to lose her cloak.
But her beauty is embedded in my mind’s eye.
I am blessed to have spent time alone, watching.
Appreciating her stunning beauty. 


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  2. Thanks so much for your kind words! Hope you have a wonderful day!