Photo Tip Friday: Look Straight Up or Down to Create Interesting Shots

by Mary Denman    @MaryDenman
I didn't see the bird in this picture till Mary Denman
Recently, my husband and I headed out to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. I had my camera ready. But before the trip even started, I noticed the clouds in the gorgeous blue sky. I couldn't resist. 

Then I saw a plane whose con trail looked so stark against the sky. I took both those shots before I left my driveway! 

What's my point? 

Sometimes, you can capture awesome pictures just by looking straight up or down! It's a perspective people don't really think to utilize. 

Let's look at some more examples!  

Airplane condensation trail (con trail) by Mary Denman 

I couldn't believe how clear the trail was. 

It certainly makes a strong statement for a photo!

Weeping Cherry Tree by Mary Denman

This shot was taken while I was standing under a Weeping Cherry Tree and looked straight up. I love the layers of clear blossoms mixed with the out of focus ones. 

Fun guys who took a trampoline up on top of the mountains! 

While I technically wasn't looking straight up for this shot, I had to include it for the unexpected factor! 

We were up on the Parkway when we saw these guys having a blast! They drove up with a trampoline in their car, set it up and had music blaring. 

They were having  so much fun. I took pictures with their camera and then mine. 

Roadside flowers by Mary Denman

I took pictures of these flowers by the side of the road. They were down around my feet, so I stooped down to get this shot. 

I loved the soft pink of the one flower in contrast to the intense yellow and greens behind it. 

By looking down, I got this great shot. 

So what's this at my feet?

Well, it's a special picture to me. 
Geological marker on the Parkway by Mary Denman

You see, years ago, my dad, a civil engineer, taught me about geological markers. 

They're embedded in bedrock and have been surveyed to an exact point on the earth. 

This folks is how location was determined long before GPS and satellites! The reason it's in bedrock is so that it won't move, except by earthquake. There's your free history lesson! 

I have a collection of pictures of these markers where ever I can find them! I saw one right in front of Notre' Dame in Paris! Amazing what you see when you look down. 

TIP: Look up and down to find unique angles to take interesting photos! 

Which is your favorite shot? And what's your most interesting up or down picture? 

Grab your camera and try it out! 
Hope this tip helps! 
Keep on clicking.


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  1. I love the shot of the geological marker! What a great collection of photos to take. I don't think I've ever noticed one - but I'll be watching out for them now! Came via #FYBF

    1. Thanks for dropping by Fairlie! I read your post on Footy...loved to learn about a new sport!

      Have a great day!

  2. Oh Mary! Your photos are so inspiring! Love that one of the kids jumping on the trampoline. And that weeping cheery tree is so beautiful!
    I have some friends based in North Carolina, Raleigh. I would love to visit them one day x

    1. I hope you can come by here when you do! I'm about 5 hours away.

      Have a great day Grace!

  3. I love how you play around with lights. There have been beautiful days here. I need to make time to practice.
    Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas on #TipTuesday. I will be more attentive to my environments from now on.

  4. Thanks for linking up #bloggersbrags

  5. Loved your photos, I recently brought a new camera and have enjoyed going out in the day to take pictures of what ever takes my fancy.