Monday's Musings: John Wooden Inspirational Quote

by Mary Denman

Mary Denman Photography

I love this John Wooden quote. 


Because it challenges my thinking. 

I'm way too quick to do something part way, without planning or evaluating, and then say, "I can fix this later." 

Not a good plan. 

It creates more problems that way. I know. 

From personal experience.

Although at times, we think we're doing something right and it still gets away from us without realizing it.

Until life gets hard.

In either situation, there comes a time when we have to make the decision to get back on track. To do it over. 

I find myself there now. 

I love blogging. I love interacting with you. 

But I've neglected a few commitments in the meantime. 

So, just for this week, I'm going to practice light blogging on my site and I'm going to go catch up with some of my favorite bloggers.

And, for the week, I'm going to practice heavy evaluating of my life and my blogging. 

Old desk by Mary Denman Photography
I want to:
Be more efficient with the blogging I do.
Finish the redesign of my blog. 
Brainstorm a new book idea. 

And to come back stronger. 
With a better vision. 
A cleaner look.

I'll share all the great tips I find about blogging smarter, especially on Twitter. 

I want to clean off my mental desk this week and only keep what's important. 

Doing more things right the first time and having fewer problems for it! 

Are you like me and end up ham-strung by not doing things well the first time? How do you deal with it when you need to evaluate your life? Any good life/blogging tips you can share with others? 

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  1. I love your idea of cleaning off my mental desk. I just need to swipe everything off and let God reorganize it. I did that the first of the year but it's piled up again. perhaps it needs to be a once-a-week process.

    1. I agree Sherry. It needs to be more more often than once a year! Once a week may do it!

      Have a great day!

  2. Boa tarde, obrigado pela importante reflexão, no meu caso aprendi a viver um momento de cada vez o que me ajudou muito, fique mais calmo para encarar e resolver um coisa de cada vez.

    1. Thank you Antonio. That is good advice. One thing at a time. I love your photography.

      Obrigado Antonio. Isso é um bom conselho . Uma coisa de cada vez. Eu amo a sua fotografia.

  3. Yes! I usually find myself at that state! Thanks for sharing your thoughts at the bloggers brags pinterest party!

    1. Thanks for having the party! Have a great day!