Photo Tip Friday - Using Your Smart Phone Camera

Welcome back!

Today's post is a special edition Part 2 about getting the subject you want in focus. You can read part 1 here.

Since most people carry around smart phones and use them for photography, I want to teach you how to understand yours.

Then, you can apply this technique when using your smart phone camera.

Let's get started.

I'm going to show you photos with two different depths of field. Also known as your "focal point".

I used my computer keyboard so you can try this at home.

In this first shot, I placed my phone almost level with my keyboard. 
Then, I focused on the word "enter".
Notice what part of the picture is clear. 

This shot is from my DSLR. Here is what focusing on "enter" will look like if you have an iPhone.

Just touch on the part of the screen where you want it to focus.

Here, I focused near the letter "E".

Notice that "enter" is very blurry now. 

And the back of the picture is clearer. 

Here is what focusing on the letter "E" looks like. 

So, how can you apply this?

Be more aware of what you want to focus on. When you take a picture of a flower, get the part you want in focus. Whether it's in the foreground or background of your shot. 

Here's a beautiful flower called a Confederate Rose. 

So now you have an assignment! 

Try out your smart phone camera. Take pictures of various objects, changing the focal point. 

And enjoy! 

As always, leave comments below and feel free to ask questions. 

Hope this tip helps! 

Keep on clicking!



  1. I didn't know my phone did that. Thanks.

    1. You're very welcome, Joyce. You gave me the idea! Since you've mentioned you only use your cell phone camera, I thought there might be others who could use tips on using their phones. I will keep trying to incorporate cell phone tips for you!

  2. Hi Mary

    I am doing all my photography from my I-Phone so thank you for this tip and any others that you give us in the future!
    Have a great week!
    Wren x

  3. That is a great trick for getting that focal point interest, I like it!