Monday's Musings - What Does Love See?

I had an argument with my best friend. 

But not an argument you'd expect.

This is the picture. Edie wanted me to use it.
It was about her weight. 

Again, it wasn't what you'd expect. 

You see, several years ago, Edie Melson was celebrating that she'd lost 100 pounds. I was thrilled for her! She pulled up a computer picture at her heaviest, back in 2006. 

When she turned the screen to me, I promptly said, "Oh, I didn't know you then."

That's when the argument started. 

Her response? "Yes, you did."

Me? "No, I didn't. I never knew you at that weight."

"Yes, you did." She pulled up the date of the picture. 

My mouth dropped. 

She was right! 

I was stunned. 

Her response, though, was precious. "You didn't see it because you loved me."

She was right once again. 

I never saw her as her weight. 

I saw her as my friend. 
As a great writer, a great critique partner.

That's when I realized how powerful love can be. 
How it can change how I see others. 

It's not about what someone looks like. 
It's about seeing their heart. 
Their character. 

It's about the relationships we have with each other.

This idea of what love sees didn't originate with me.

It starts with God.
How God looks at us with love. 
How he sees straight to our hearts. 

I'm thankful to have caught a glimpse of his love through an argument. 
An argument I was happy to lose!

Look at Edie now! Beautiful as ever.....


  1. Beautiful! And yes, Edie is still beautiful, too. When we love, adore, admire someone, we see them as they truly are. We need to remember that's how God sees us, too.

    1. So true Karen. It's easy to forget that God sees me for who he created me to be, not what I look like or act like!

      You are another beautiful person, inside and out!

  2. That conversation was pivotal in my life. Even though I still struggle with the thought of how others see me, I realize the people I care about see me through the filter of love!

    1. We all struggle with it to some degree. And yes, the conversation changed me too!

  3. Mary, this was great and brought tears to my eyes. It made me think of the way you and so many other women see me...not as a person without sight, but as a person. You see me through the eyes of God and His love. Love you, precious friend.

    1. You are not defined by your sight or lack of sight Jamie. :) I hope you have a great day!

  4. This was an awesome post. It certainly wasn't what I was expecting. I've shared it on Twitter and given it a Google+1. It's a message that needs to get to a wider audience. We all need to read this. I'm glad your friend let you share it. God bless!

    1. Thanks so much Tina! Edie and I were both shaped by that argument....for the better.

      When I told her I was writing this, she asked if I wanted the picture to share! I'm glad she volunteered it. But she's all about helping others.

      Thanks again for sharing it!

  5. Beautiful truth beautifully written. Thank you for writing it, Mary. And thank you for allowing her to share it, Edie. You are both beautiful in every way. Love you both!

    1. Thanks V! You know you are loved as well!

  6. Great post Mary. We need to remember this goes both ways. We hope people see us through love but we must do the same. And with God's love, we can!!!! Thanks for sharing and thanks to Edie for always being so transparent. Love you both!!!!!

    1. Hi Beth! Thanks for dropping by! Yes, when we see others through God's eyes, it does make a difference! Love you as well!

  7. I think she looks beautiful in both pictures, and how wonderful for her heart to know you never saw her weight. :) I love this story!

    1. Thanks Rosey! And thanks too for your prayers! I think you have a wonderful ministry!

  8. Aww beautiful post Mary, thanks so much for sharing at the weekend blog hop...

  9. Ain't that the truth, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!! I couldn't agree more! Thanks for sharing this lovely story! Found you via Grace's FYBF :)