Photo Tip Friday - Landscape vs Portrait Shots, Part 1

Welcome back to my Friday photography tips! 

Today, we're going to look at the same subject taken in both a landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) orientation and you get to pick which one you like better. 

Next week, I'll go over more pictures and give you more tips to help decide which format to use in Part 2.

Ready? Let's go. 

This is a picture I took from our car (I was the passenger) while we were driving over a bridge. The first shot I took was vertical or portrait.  

Then, I managed to avoid all the bridge parts to get a horizontal or landscape picture. 

So, which do you like better and why? 

And here is some really cool, old brick in Charleston, SC. This is the kind of shot that would make a neat background for something on the computer. 

Here it is in portrait.

Here it is in landscape. 

Again, which do you think looks better and why?

I want you to start thinking about this. Next week, in part 2, I'll give you concrete ways to decide which direction to use. 

Leave your answers in the comment section below! 

Hope this tips helps!

Keep on clicking! 



  1. You're making me think! Here goes... (I've looked at clouds from both sides now...ha)
    The clouds have more drama/suspense in the portrait version. And even the bricks--the horizontal view (oops, landscape) seems to slow things down. The vertical bricks make me wonder what's hiding to the left, rather like I'm hugging that wall, and why? Mystery!

    1. Love the pun!! ;)

      Well Robin, I was hugging the wall to get both of the brick shots... And in reality, my daughter was just off screen trying to photo bomb the shot!! (Yes, I let her get in the next picture.)

  2. I'm guessing here--I think the landscape version shows more movement. The portrait is more static. I think deciding which one to use has a lot to do with the purpose of the photo. If I need a photo for a specific purpose, I find myself deciding which one reflects the mood of the piece better. Portrait makes me lift up higher. That would be good for reflections. Landscape encourages me to walk or reflect.

    Now, let's see if anything I said makes any sense to the reasons you have for this. lol

    1. Karen, love what you said about landscape making you want to walk and portrait lifting you up. I had never thought of it that way.

      But your'e both right. Pictures can be fairly subjective, but I want you to think when you're taking a picture. And I really suggest taking a shot in both portrait AND landscape to see which works better.

      This will also improve your eye! But can tell you're both writers in how you describe the shots.

      My hubby, the engineer, LOVED the portrait brick that moves to a symmetrical point.

  3. I'll have to go with landscape I think! Although I do like both - I think portrait is underused for landscape images (if you see what I mean).

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Hi Stewart. I agree with you on portrait being underused on landscape..... ;) That's why I take both! Have a great day.