Friday's Photo Tip - Do a Photo Shoot

You'll have to pardon my abbreviated post today. 

Between actually totally losing my internet at home for several days and traveling to a writer's conference and my computer having hiccups, I can't do the photo tips on Portrait versus Landscape as much justice as I want. So part 2 will be next Friday. 

But in the meantime, I have an assignment for you

Since you most likely are using a digital camera, you can take pictures and look at them immediately. Right?

Well, grab you camera and go play for 5 minutes

Pick a subject like: tv remote, a pretty plant, your kids, the office windows, food, your keyboard...basically, anything that strikes your fancy. 

Then just start taking pictures. 

Take a Portrait and Landscape shot of the item. 
Take 4 different angles: above the item, even with the item, below the item, beside the item.
Shine a light on it. 
Create a shadow over it. 

Think creatively! 


Hit me with your best shot! 

Leave me a link and let me see what you did. 

Until then, keep on clicking!


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