Photo Tip Friday

Part 2: Soft Shadows

Today's tip is about the use of soft shadows in photography to create a "mood" shot.

Last week I talked about the use of strong shadows to create interesting photographs. But you can also use soft shadows to enhance your pictures.

Let's get started.

Here is a head shot of an author and speaker. Notice how the right side of her face is slightly darker than the left side. This fits some of the topics she speaks about. Her life has had many trials and tribulations. While she is beautiful, peaceful and smiling, this shot hints that there is more to her story than first meets your eye.

Here's another head shot with mood in it. Notice how only one side of the face is well lit? This guy looks pretty serious in this photo. 

But look what happens when he is in more uniform light. Well, and makes a crazy face to boot! Same subject, very different feel to the photos.

One more head shot. This is an author. Want to guess her genre? She doesn't write childen's stories or romance. She's a mystery writer. The close up of her wonderfully intense eyes and the shadows playing around her face bespeak mystery.

Finally, here's a nature shot with soft shadows. Last week I used strong shadows with some flowers. In this instance, the soft shadows create a totally different feel. And how did I get soft shadows? I took this picture in late afternoon when the sun was dipping in the sky.

So, you can use shadows to enhance your photography, whether they are strong or soft. Go grab your camera and give it a try. Let me know what your results are.

Hope this tip helps.

Keep on clicking!



  1. Great tips! Thanks for pointing out the differences. They are subtle, yet change the feel of the photo. Neat.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Jennifer! Glad the tips can help. Have a great weekend. :)

  2. Cool! I just had my author profile photo taken on Thursday. I wonder what mood I'll have. Interesting.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    1. Let me know what it looks like! :) Thanks for dropping by Leanne.