Monday's Musings

In Need of a Solid Foundation

My house taught me a lesson recently.

An expensive lesson.

You see, we had cracks in our house. And several of them. Both inside and out.

There was only one way to handle it. We had to shore up our foundation.

So, I called multiple companies to get various bids. They used different techniques to promise me that my house would stop settling. One company wanted to use a Bobcat, so I would have lost all my azaleas and I would have to have paid several hundred dollars extra for them to remove and put my deck back together. Let's just say, they didn't win my job.

The company I did choose uses people to dig holes. I got to keep all my azaleas. And, they only removed part of the deck. And put it back. Included in the price.

Then, for one morning, my kids and I learned what was going on beneath our foundation. Some holes were dry. The next hole, two feet over had water in it. No wonder we had settlement issues!

What did I learn? That you have to have a solid foundation to have a solid building. I spent a lot of time and effort figuring out what the best course of action was to stabilize the foundation of my home.

Stop and think. If your house had cracks, you, like me, would put considerable effort into correcting the problem.

But do we notice the cracks in our lives? Do we put together that some of the problems in our lives are the result of a weak foundation?

Jesus talked about building a solid foundation. And that means in him. That means knowing the truth. That God does love us. That he will forgive us everything and anything when we ask.  That we need to forgive others.

I don't want a foundation based on me. I want something much more solid. I want a foundation built on truth.

I'm going to go dig into my bible, and find a solid foundation.


  1. Eeek! Would your homwowner's insurance reimburse you for some of the expense?

  2. Sadly Robin, no. We were refinancing and we had to just do it. Worth it in the long run. Just not fun in the short rum!