Photo Tip Fridays

Here’s the next tip for the composition of a shot.

Driving in NC, hubby and drove past these great railroad tracks. I knew the lighting was tricky, but could yield some great shots. So, hubby turned around and let me do a photo shoot.

I started shooting and loved the reflection of the sun off the tracks. However, my first shots weren’t that great. Here is one of them. 

See where the road crosses the tracks? It’s very distracting. It draws your attention to the road, not the tracks.

Once I caught this, I moved across the road and look at the shots I got then.

So, for composition, you need to look out for “clutter” in your shots. The road had to go to make the shot better.

Remember to really look at what’s in your shot. Shoot clean. Move if you need to to edit out the distracting stuff. I don’t have hours on end to crop and fix photos and you probably don't either. Be more aware of what’s actually in your shot. Try to shoot clean and your skills will definitely increase!


  1. Wow! You give such clear tips and make it so easy to understand. I know your tips are going to make such a difference in my pictures, and even more in the way Ican use them to reach out to others on my blog. Thanks so much for your generosity. Many people would hoard this knowledge but you're willing to give it away and help us all grow!

  2. Mary, you captured a great shot:) Moving around and looking for a different angle sometimes makes all the difference.

  3. You're welcome Edie! ;) You taught me the same lesson about helping others by your blog! Happy to share.

  4. Judy Royal Glenn, thanks for stopping by! You have a good eye too!

  5. You are so creative and talented!

    Thanks for sharing and linking up to the Weekend Blog Hop! I hope you will join us each Friday!

    Have a great week!