Photo Tip Friday

Horizontal or Vertical?

When you see a shot worth taking, one consideration you need to evaluate is whether to take a horizontal or vertical picture.

So, I have a couple of examples for you.

Edie Melson

The first one is a great shot of my friend Edie Melson. We had a blast doing her photo shoot at an interesting location. Here is a horizontal shot I took. Notice the strong lines from the wood of the wall? A horizontal shot made great use of the lines.

Edie Melson

Now here’s a shot of Edie that was taken vertically. Do you see the difference? I minimized the strong horizontal lines of the clapboard so the photo has a different feel to it.

Which one is better? I think both turned out to be great shots. But maybe you have a preference. Please chime in and let me know which you like more.

Let’s move to nature as a subject matter. Here is a horizontal shot of a rose. I have more rose in the picture and a little less stem.

But we need to see what it looks like in the vertical. So here it is. Notice how much more stem I have in this shot? It does create a different feel to it. Again, which do you prefer?

Sometimes you may not know which shot will work better. So try both. Same subject. Different approach. Different feel.  Experiment. You will be glad you did.

Keep on recording life’s special moments!

NOTE: Unfortunately, Blogger is compressing my shots so they don't look right and I haven't been able to figure out why. But if you click on them, I think you can see them as they should be.  Mary


  1. Good interpretation on the concept of vertical-horizontal photos. On the first example, i prefer in horizontal plan. On the second one is the inverse.

    Thanks your visit on my gallery :)

  2. I like the vertical versions best. Great portrait!

  3. Thank you Fabio and Sivinden for stopping by. You are both different but fantastic photographers.