Life in the Rear View Mirror

Okay. So I have a thing about taking photos in the rear view mirror. It's so much fun. You never know what you might see.

Maybe a buffalo.
(Or me taking a picture of a buffalo.)

Or beautiful clouds.

But whenever you take a shot from the rear view, it's always of a journey. And some journeys we find ourselves on are more enjoyable than others. 

This shot reminds me of a great time and journey. My friend Alycia Morales was following me and Edie Melson after we left BRMCWC this past May. That's her red truck back there.

This is a picture I enjoy looking at. It makes me smile to think of the good times we had at Blue Ridge and to know Alycia was right behind us.

And sometimes, the view from the mirror really shows where you are and where you've come from.

This is a mountain top experience. And we're still on the mountain.  That's a nice place to be. But we don't stay there forever.

But sometimes, life is going by so fast and in such a blur, that it shows in the picture and in our lives.  And you may want things to slow down for a spell.

Sometimes, the view from behind is one of relief. Relief that you've left a dark time.

But whatever shows in the rear view mirror, remember this: You can't drive forward while focusing only on the view from behind.

Rear view mirror snap shots are just that. Snap shots. While it shows what has affected our journey and life, it isn't the end all.

Whether your past has consisted of lots of mountain top times or dark tunnels, don't look back longing for what once was.

Ask God to let you see what He was doing in those times and how He wants to use them for His glory. And then face forward and join what God is doing in your life.

Again, what perspective do you use to view life? One of eternity or of the here and now?

Grace and peace,


  1. That's a great thought, Mary! Thanks for sharing..And life is always so much more fun when traveling together! ;) I loved knowing you and Edie were in front of me, too! And oh, the memories...we make new ones each year, don't we? Love you!

  2. Thanks ladies! Having great friends like you to help me focus forward and on eternity is a wonderful blessing! Love you.