Monday's Musings: Mountaintop Memories

by Mary Denman              Twitter: @MaryDenman            Instagram:@MaryFDenman

Mountaintop Memories by Mary Denman Photography
Don't you love a good mountaintop experience? 

You know, a time where life is at it's fullest. 

Your work is going well. 

You get confirmation that you're on the right track. 

You know that God really does love you. 

We love being on the mountaintop, but we can't stay there forever, no matter how much we want or try! 

It always comes to an end. 

And the only way to leave a mountaintop is by going down the mountain. But this doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Part of learning from a mountaintop experience is knowing how to take that experience with us back down to the valley. 

How do we do this?

We take our memories. 

They can help carry us in the valley times. 

I just left Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference

I'm the conference photographer and do headshots throughout the week. The teaching is inspiring. The people I photograph are amazing. I love meeting them, hearing their stories, and giving them great headshots. 

It's a mountaintop experience for sure. 

But now I'm back home. 

Reality hits. 

The house needs to be vacuumed. The dishes need to be done. Laundry. Car repairs. You know the drill. 

I need to edit and email shots out. I need to spend time blogging and getting my website up. 

This is where the memories can help. 

When reality kicks in and writing, blogging, or taking care of business and general life takes us away from the excitement of a mountaintop experience, memories help us remember what's important. 

Memories of the kind comments someone made. Of the inspirational messages. Of making a difference in someone else's life. 

As time passes, the hopes and dreams we fostered on the mountaintop may seem to be buried under the avalanche we call life. 

Rain on the mountains
But go back to the memories and remember the great times from the mountaintop. Be thankful for them. 

Spend time thinking about what sparked our dreams, hopes and passions. Then make the time to make them happen. Work for them. 

I know I'm already looking forward to next year's conference. But in the meantime, I'm ready to work to become a better photographer. A more consistent blogger. A better writer. 

I'm ready to do the behind the scenes stuff that isn't as glamorous or fun. The stuff that's necessary to make my dreams come true. I'm ready to work hard.

How about you? 

What's been your most amazing mountaintop experience? What are your hopes and dreams that have been buried in the avalanche of life and the mundane? 


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  1. What a great post, Mary. It's nice seeing family again but returning to reality isn't always easy. I always want to linger in the mountains (and especially the Clouds Cafe) a little longer. You always do a beautiful job with photography. I'm sorry I missed your blogging photo class. I wanted to be there so badly.