Photo Tip Friday: Using Water to Create Interesting Photos

by Mary Denman    @MaryDenman

In photography, one medium that I really love to explore is water. There are so many interesting properties to it that can create such varied results. 

Water is easy to find. You can go in your kitchen and turn on the faucet, go to the beach or find a river. Puddles are available after a rain. 

Why do I enjoy water photography? 

Because it changes. Water can be still or moving. Green or brown. Clear or reflective. 

There is always something unique or different when you start photographing a body of water.

Let's look some examples.

In PHOTO 1, I took a reflection of the gorgeous fall leaves on the a lake. 

I actually like the fact that the water wasn't perfectly still. 

It adds dimension and almost looks like a painting. 

I took this shot late in the afternoon, hence the vibrant colors.


PHOTO 2 was taking at different time and place, during the winter. The sun was much higher in the sky and this created a different look in the photo. 

There is also melting snow creating rings on the surface. 


PHOTO 3 captures a leaf, floating in a river of very clear water. Because of the slow rate of movement, the water is clear and you can see through to the bottom. 

And while the water is clear, you can still see the ripples of the water moving over the uneven bottom of the river. 


PHOTO 4 is a beach sunrise. Notice the beautiful reflection of the colors on the water. The water that pooled on the beach became a bit of a mirror, reflecting the colors in the sky above. 


PHOTO 5 shows how you can stop the action of water with a higher ISO. 

You can see the droplets of water that are sprayed out as the water falls over the dam. 

ASSIGNMENT: Go find some water. Practice taking pictures from the side or directly above for he water. Play with filters if you have them. Set your camera up for a long shutter speed and get blurred water shots. Just go find water and play with your ISO to see how it changes what you shoot. Let me know how you do. 

FOR BLOGGERS: Keep learning about photography to improve your shots and use them on your blog. Create memes with them. Illustrate your points with your photos. 

Too, learn to be fluid about your blogging. Maybe you've hit on a post schedule that resonates with your readers. Maybe you need to change. Just as a river looks the same from year to year, it can also dramatically change in short order and you can be ready for either because of practicing in advance.

I hope these tips help!
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  1. Hi Mary, great tips. I adore photo 2. The reflections in the water make the picture stunning :)

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop

    1. Thanks Claire! I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Great tips!
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  3. This is so nice! Helpful esp for me =)