Monday's Musings: Powerful Christmas Quote by Winston Churchill

by Mary Denman  @MaryDenman

Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection. ~Winston Churchill

These are powerful words spoken by a powerful man. 

Words that hold much truth. 

Christmas is a season of rejoicing, of celebrating Christ's birth, of sharing family time, of giving gifts of love. 

Christmas is also a season of reflection. Not the "have I been naughty or nice" kind of reflection. But the kind of reflection that goes deeper. The kind that makes you think about your family, loved ones, and about the past year. 

As I sit here writing, my house is quiet. I'm the only one up. The Christmas tree is awash in soft light. The world is sleeping, and I love to have time like this every once in a while. Time to think. To reflect. Not about a to do list, but about life. 

About where I'm going. 

What I've done. 

What I want to do. 

About my husband and my kids.

Where they are in life. 

How I can show them love. 

Make Christmas special for them.

Teach them to think of others. 

It's during moments like these that I can hear the quiet voice of God, whispering to me. Helping me know that he's in control of my life. Both where I've been and where I'm going. Helping me trust him to work through the joys and struggles in my life. 

It's during the times of reflection that I can see pieces of the puzzle of my life take shape. Notice things I hadn't seen before. Notice the threads God's been weaving into the tapestry of my life. 

This year, as I approach Christmas, I have more joy and peace than two years ago. The year both my mother and father-in-law passed away. Christmas was hard that year. I missed them both so much. But I can look back and see that God got me through. He let my dad be with my family that Christmas and we enjoyed the time so very much. 

So as I reflect, I can see God's care and my growth. I'm so appreciative of that. So encouraged. 

Because as God has cared for and comforted me, I can care for and comfort others. Give them hope that they will get through the difficult times with God's love and care. 

I truly hope that you have time this season to stop and reflect on your life and see how God has worked. Sometimes, it may not be obvious when we're going through life. It's only later that we see the pattern or notice that God was working behind the scenes. 

And I'd love for you to share how you've seen God work in your life as you rejoice and reflect this Christmas season. 

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  1. What meaningful words, Mary. I have to work to set aside time to be quiet with God and reflect on His plans for me. It's too easy to fill my time with busyness.

    Like you, two years ago, I was miserable, but not for any valid reasons. I chose to be stubbornly angry because I didn't like what God was doing in my life. Since then, He has convicted me of my stubbornness and filled my life with contentment. It's wonderful to be walking in the joy of the Lord again.

    Have a merry Christmas, sweet friend!