Monday's Musings: Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

by Mary Denman   @MaryDenman

I’ve been nominated for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award by a writing friend and awesome blogger, Edie Melson of The Write Conversation. (Check her blog out, you'll learn something!)

Edie and I have know each other for several years. We're writing and blogging buddies from way back. We started our blogs at the same time. She found her voice helping others with blogging and writing fairly quickly. It took me a while, but I kept going till I found my passion to blog about. She has encouraged and mentored me along the way. Thanks Edie!!

The Rules
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site. 
2. Put the Award logo on your blog.
3. Answer the ten questions sent to you.
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Nominate five blogs.

Thanks for nominating me, Edie! You know how much I love you and your blog!


  1. Why did you start writing?   I actually enjoyed English in school. But I didn't start writing for publication until my 30's. I've been published in magazines. I'm finishing a novel and, of course, I'm a blogger! I love words, expressing my thoughts. I probably got my love of writing from my mom. 
  2. What novel(s) have fluenced you the most and why?  As a kid, I LOVED The Boxcar Children. I couldn't get enough of them. As an adult Ted Dekker's book Thr3e stunned me. I didn't see the ending coming. I actually talked out loud (yelled) that it couldn't be right! I argued with "Ted" as I immediately started going through the book looking for some place where he had slipped up. He hadn't. I would love to be able to write that well! 
  3. What’s been the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever received?   "Go to writing/blogging conferences and learn your craft. Learn from others who are farther along."   I took this advice and have attended writing conferences and now a blogging conference. It helps keep me going, writing, and dreaming. 
  4. What’s been the worst piece of writing advice you’ve ever received?  Honestly, I've just tried to block it out and only follow the good advice! 
  5. What people in the industry have helped you the most in your writing endeavors?  Edie has been a long standing critique partner and fellow writer who has kept me going in the times of doubt. Deb Raney and DiAnne Mills really encouraged me as a new writer. 
  6. What is the hardest part of writing for you?  Writing alone. We all have to do it. Whether it's an article, a novel or a blog post. I wonder if what I have to say is worth reading. 
  7. When did you first call yourself a writer?  At a conference when an instructor made us all stick our hands up and then swore us in as writers, like sheriffs used to do when they'd swear in deputies in the old west. 
  8. How has your writing life been different than you imaged?  I don't think I was prepared for the challenges and discouragements along the way. But they're part of the process and I've grown from them. 
  9. Where is your favorite place to write?  I love blogging on my laptop at home. I love working on my novel at a local middle eastern restaurant. The music just sets the tone! 
  10. How do you reward yourself when you accomplish a writing goal?  I need to set the goals first!!

Raychael @ Ms. Mystery Case: I love her fashion tips, her blogging tips, her sense of humor. She lives in the land Down Under and is worth casing! 

Ramona @ Create-With-Joy: I enjoy her stories about her cats, her inspirational stories, her blog hops. She really promotes others and is another great blogger. 

Claire @ ClaireJustine: She's a fashionable mum in England who enjoys fitness and fashion. She's also a great blog hostess with great blog parties. 

Jessica @ FeedMeDearly: Jessica is hilarious! I love the way she blogs. It's about her family and food. Did I mention food? Oh, and her photography of food.....

Karren @ OhMyHeartsieGirl: Karren is a great blogger who knows how to (blog) party! She pins and tweets your posts and promotes other bloggers so well! 


  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What's the craziest/best thing that's happened because of blogging?
  3. What's your best advice to offer new bloggers?
  4. What were your hobbies before the internet? :)
  5. What's your best childhood memory? 
  6. How do you keep going when you get discouraged about blogging?
  7. Who inspires you? (In any area of life.)
  8. What's one thing on your bucket list that might surprise others?
  9. What is the biggest dream for your blog going forward? 
  10. What's your biggest personal dream going forward?


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  1. Congratulations, Mary Denman! Well deserved, my friend. Love your blog -- and I look forward to reading your novel one day. :) Great questions, insightful answers. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Cathy! I hope you get to read it too! How are yo feeling? Better, I hope!

  2. Congratulations, Mary, on your much-deserved award - and thank you so much for sharing it with me!
    I know each of the other bloggers you've passed it along to and feel honored to be in their company! :-)

    On your answers above - yes, #6 is also a challenge for me!

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. You're welcome Ramona! I love your blog! I hope you have a great day!

  3. I so enjoy learning about these types of aspects of people's writing lives :). I would love to attend a blog/ writing conference. It's definitely on my to do list. I think they can really revive and inspire us. My 2 favorite places to write are also at home or at a restaurant/ coffee shop. Sometimes I need a little people watching to spark some creativity.

    1. I hope you get to attend a conference some day soon!

      Me too, on the people watching. Sometimes I need it quiet, sometimes, active.

      By the way, I a read that you need "little people" mind saw you sitting at a park, watching your kids (aka little people) while you type away on your laptop! :)

      Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Congrats Mary, loved reading your answers:)

    Thanks so much for passing the award on, and the lovely comment..