Photo Tip Fridays: What Photography Tips Will Help you the Most?

by Mary Denman
Twitter: @MaryDenman
Instagram: @MaryFDenman

Welcome back!

Unfortunately, due to some pretty frustrating/huge/confounding (pick one or two, or all three) technical difficulties with my computers this week, your regularly scheduled Photo Tip, Part 2 on Taking Indoor Shots with Available Lighting has been pre-empted. I will be spending the weekend talking with tech geeks to solve the aforementioned challenges...

However, I thought I'd take this time to get a better sense of how I can best serve you with photography tips going forward. 

I know that you can search the web for any photography related questions you may have. So I want this place, my blog, to be a comfortable place you can come anytime for tips that relate to you and inspire you to do more with YOUR photography. To inspire you to use your own photography on your blog. 

I really love comments when you tell me what you've learned or add to a topic I teach on. That helps me know that what I do really helps you. 

So, after brainstorming with hubby, here is a fairly large list of topics I can cover. 

Please read through them and basically vote with your comments. Pick the top 5 or so you would like me to cover over the next few weeks. 

If you want to put them all in order, that's fine too! That would get me through the next few months, focusing on YOUR photography needs! 

The tips are technical, artistic or a combination of the two. 

Technical tips include things like the actual settings on your camera (or cell phone camera), ISO, Aperture Values, Time Values, etc.  

Artistic/Composition tips include things like perspective, framing, creating mood shots, etc. 

Really, taking pictures require a knowledge of both, but it helps to learn the technical aspects of what your camera can do and then apply them, all the while thinking about the "feel" or artistic side of the photos. 

With so many holidays coming up, I will do a couple of posts of how to capture the feel of the holidays and special family moments. To remember this stressful  happy time of the year!

Last thing before the list, I am happy to say that I am teaming up with the wonderful Raychael of Ms. Mystery Case to offer photograph tips there as well. She is in the business of helping you build and grow your blog. Go check her out and say, "Cheers!" She lives in the Land Down Under, Australia. 

So, with no more ado, here are ideas to choose from! And if you think of something else I haven't covered, add it in the comments! 

Aperture Values
Time Values/Shutter Speeds
Using Manual
Focal Lengths
Focal Distance
Lens Lengths
Tri-pod Usage

Rule of Thirds
Horizontal versus Vertical Shots
Perspective, Perspective, Perspective
Strong Lines
Lighting: Direction, Strength, Natural vs Artificial

Specific Situations:
People: Babies, Children, Families, Weddings
Daily Life

Let your voice be heard! Pick what's important to YOU! 

I want my tips to help you! 

Looking forward to your responses! 


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  1. I'm highly interested in both, especially when it comes to pets, holidays, and products.

    1. Stay tuned Vanessa! I will definitely do holidays soon. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I love when you stop by to share our photo tips with my readers, it is really valuable info for camera buffs!!! Have a great weekend!!!

    1. Thanks Karren! I love sharing tips and helping others take better pictures. Thanks for hosting great blog parties!

  3. I have a fair understanding of the tech part, although I do need help with using manual. I'm most interested in the artistic part. All the specific situations sound good also. There's always something new to learn, looking forward to your future posts.

    1. Welcome Jackie! Thanks for leaving a comment! I will add that to my list.

      Oh, loved the raisin story on your blog....oh my!

  4. I need to take better inside shots :) thanks for sharing Mary...


  5. I need more help with the technical side. I never sit down and read through the manual like I should. Also, because of that, my shots with movement/action are sometimes blurry or I miss the movement altogether.

    1. You vote is counted Tina! ;) Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Hi Mary
    I don't own a camera other than my phone these days, so I love the artist/composition tips and when you include tips for phone users, I also love the editing side, a while back when you used Picmonkey that was a great post and I have tried a few things from there for WW today!
    Have a great week
    Wren x

  7. I would love to be able to take better shots with my new camera. I'm trying, but time becomes a factor. :) I was wondering about the Horizontal versus Vertical shots and Lighting. I like taking pictures outside and daily life shots intrique me. Also, on another subject...copyrights. What is the best thing to do to protect the pictures you put out in the public? Or is it a losing battle?

  8. Thank you for the wonderful tips about photography. I have always been interested in photography and find it very fun. My mother says I'm very creative and I would be a good photographer, but I still need help and tips, so thank you. If anyone need more photography tips then check photography Tips

  9. Thank you for the wonderful tips about photography. I bought Canon 7d last month. I would like to know what do you think about the Canon 7d? I still need help and tips and where i should learning photography?? please advise me.