Monday's Musings - Mom's Watching Over Us

by Mary Denman
Twitter: @MaryDenman

This past weekend, I got to go visit my Daddy. I love getting to hang out with him. We sit a lot. And that's fine with me. 

Actually, on Saturday afternoon, while my husband, son and my brother and his kids all went to the movies, Daddy and I had a contest. He sat on the sofa at one end and I lay down on the other. We raced to see who fell asleep first.  

Daddy won, hands down. But I won for the longest nap! 

We had good North Carolina Bar-B-Que, banana pudding and delicious apples. We read through some of Mom's memories that she and written down. (More about those in another post.) 

We just enjoyed being around each other. As we prepared to leave, I asked my husband to take my picture with Daddy. That's when I saw it. Look in the background of our shot...there are pictures of my Mom on the mantel, smiling and beautiful. Right over our shoulders! 

You know, it feels as if she's still here. I can't believe it's been a year and a half since we lost her. 

I think about her every single day. I feel her love, her encouragement. I miss her for sure! But I love how deeply she's taken up residence in my heart. 

I do feel as if Mom is watching over us, cheering us on. Still loving all of us. 

For that, I am ever so grateful! 


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  1. Sweet post. My father died a year ago next month, just before Thanksgiving. Trying to help my mother handle everything and get through the first few months was rough. I am just now feeling more normal. Life has been disorganized this past year. Sometimes I felt like I was running in place. Mom has settled into a routine and for the most part--doing her own thing. She has finished giving me all my Dad's files of art work and keepsakes in metal fileboxes, but I've struggled with what to do with them, etc. I have packed some of it away--to pull it out another day. Amazing stuff, even newspapers from the 1800's--saved by a great aunt. Life goes on, some peace settles back in.....


    1. Oh Karen, I'm so sorry. I do understand all those feelings and emotions! Yes, you find that you still grieve, and the strangest things can set it off, but the grief doesn't sit on your doorstep every morning. You have a few more breaks in between. Those gradually get farther and farther between.

      I think I was afraid at first that I would "forget" mom or things she did. But now, 1 & 1/2 years later, I feel just as close to her as when she passed away. That is a blessing. Praying for you as you go through this!

  2. Aww lovely post Mary :)

    Beautiful picture of you both with your Mom in the background ...

    1. Thanks Claire! :) Enjoy your parents all you can! Have a great day!

  3. What a lovely photo, looks like you've got your husband trained as a great photographer too! I can just picture the two of you napping on the sofa with your Mum looking on.
    Have a great week
    Wren x

    1. You caught me Wren! My hubby took a couple of shots first, and that's when I saw mom over our shoulders, but she was half cut off....I had him retake it! He did a great job the second time around! :)

      Mom probably was smiling at her sleepy loved ones. :) She used to nap on the sofa too.

  4. Such a sweet photo. I saw the pics of your mom right away in the background, nicely framed photo of you and your dad.