Photo Tip Friday - Use PicMonkey

by Mary Denman

Today, I want to tell you about a free, online photo editing service that I think you'll be excited about.

It's called PicMonkey.

Why am I excited about it? Let me count some of the ways....

1) It's free! You can upgrade, but the free part is still awesome.

2) It's easy!!

3) It makes putting text on your photos fast and simple.

4) It gives you options for editing color, exposure, cropping, rotating, and so much more. I can do all those on my Mac, but I know a lot of people who can't. This is why I'm excited for you to learn about PicMonkey!

5) You can make collages, Facebook headers, and many other cool creations with your photos. 

6) They have great instructions.

7) Most important to me? PicMonkey never uses my pictures for anything, without asking for permission. There are quite a few free, online editing services that can use your photos that you upload to their site at will. It's in the fine print. That bothers me a lot. I'm not famous or the best photographer out there, but I do work hard at my craft. PicMonkey states very clearly that my pictures are my pictures. They made a huge fan with that alone!! Read the legal stuff here. It's actually funny.

8) The entire website has intelligent humor. 

So, on to some work I just created, just to show you some examples.

I've just started doing product shoots for someone who makes customized jewelry. This is an example of how I can show off what Amy does. Her website is here.

This next collage is just to show off the lovely daffodils that are blooming here in South Carolina. Spring is here!

This is one of the coolest things to do. I'm sure you've seen where people put a quote to a picture. I took this sunset picture, cars included. How many people were out and about with this gorgeous sunset going on, but didn't even stop to appreciate it?

So how does PicMonkey apply to you?

1) It's a great, free editing service.

2) It will help you if you have a blog, a Facebook page, or anywhere else where you have an online presence.

3) You can just use it to gussy up your pictures and print them if you like! Those can make great, personalized gifts.

Let me know how PicMonkey works out for you!

Hope this tip helps!

Keep on clicking!




  1. Hi Mary! Thanks for linking up with my party! I was pretty much taking a blogging break for some time, but it's good to be back,. It's funny too because I now that I've returned most of my linkups are a completely different set of bloggers except for a few here and included :) And yes, my baby does have my quirky smile! haha :))

    1. Hey Paula, I took a break too. I think we came back together. :) I'm really glad you're back! Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you can get some sleep!

  2. Hi Mary
    I have been away too!!! I had to search back to find this because I knew you were writing about PicMonkey and I'm a fan too. What I would dearly like them to introduce is a template because pretty much do the same edits each time.
    Thanks for reminding me that I can add a whole quote.
    Please keep up your photo tips - I'm a great fan of your work.
    Wren x