Photo Tip Friday - Finding Reflections - Part 2

Welcome back!

Last week we discussed using water for reflections. (You can read that post here.)

This week, I want to continue talking about reflections. But I want you to look for them in places other than water. 

Ready? Let's get started!

Here is the first photo. Yes, it's a grand piano. With a lovely pianist playing for her very appreciative grandparents. I could have taken a picture of them by themselves. But I love the feel of this shot. You can see their faces, the pianist and her hands on the keyboard! How cool is that?

So what do you think of this? It may take a moment to see what's really going on. I took a shot in the open lid of the grand. Then I flipped the photo. You're looking at the reflection of the church on the inside of the top of the piano.

Look for reflections in any shiny surface!

Of course mirrors work well, but my take is a little different. I love using car mirrors to document our trips! In this shot, notice that the side mirror is in focus but the scenery is whizzing by. That's on purpose. I love the feel of motion this shot creates.

I just relax remembering that ride through the mountains.

But don't just try one angle. This shot is using the same mirror with a completely different feel. You can still tell we're on the road. (Yes, I'm the passenger....) But I focused closely on the mirror to get a great photo of the tunnel we had just left.

Nothing like seeing dark tunnels of time in our lives in the rear view mirror.

And lastly, here is a self a Christmas ornament.

I told you to look for any shiny or reflective surface. Play around with it. Try different angles.

You can add such interest to your photos by looking for reflections.

I've taken reflections using cars, puddles, granite, marble. If it's shiny, I'll try it!

Which shot do you like best? How have you used a reflection in a shot? Leave me a link and I'll go check it out!

Hope this tip helps!

Keep on clicking!

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  1. Mary, you have a way of bringing creativity to the surface. In fact, after reading one of your posts and viewing your photos, sometimes I get a song idea or a writing idea. Creativity begets creativity. Thank you!

    1. Robin, that's AWESOME! I'm so happy that it helps you be creative! You made my day!!

      If you ever want to share with us, please do!

  2. These are fun. I love the tunnel shot but I'm going to have to go with the girl playing for her grandparents, just because I know that shot's going to mean a lot to the girl playing at some point in her life.

    1. You picked the most sentimental shot for sure...And it already does mean something. Her grandparents are my mom and dad.

      Hope the tips help!

  3. Wonderful shots! Love to dig into your creativity in your photography. Praying this finds you healing well.