Photo Tip Friday

Today's Tip: Take your camera with you and use it!

While today's tip may be obvious, it needs to be said.

We think of taking pictures of landscapes, people and birthday parties. But what about your daily life?

You might think of what I'm suggesting as photo journalism. Or a sort of photo diary of your life.

So when can carrying your camera come in handy while out? I'm glad you asked.

This past Dec., my husband and I went to go pick up our son from his first semester of college. We arrived on campus after his final swimming workout. Since all the other students were gone and the cafeteria was closed, the university had arranged with a local eatery to feed the swimmers.

We didn't know when we arrived that the guys were ready for food. But when they told us of the arrangement, we headed in to get them some well earned breakfast.

Thankfully, I had my camera on hand. We had a great time with our son and another swimmer we were giving a ride to the airport. Just looking at the photos makes me smile. They had stacks of French toast, pancakes and lots of syrup.

Here, you can see the place radiated with an ambiance that comes from years of use and little updating.

Without a camera on hand, I couldn't have documented that morning in the diner with our son. Even seeing the pictures gives me that feeling of happiness that he has done well his first semester and was coming home for Christmas.

So, take your camera with you and document unexpected events that occur.

Do you have any special photos that bring you a smile when you see them? Please share if you do.

Hope this tip helps!

Keep on clicking!



  1. I am also getting accustomed to having my camera ready to hand Mary. It is great that you got these lovely shots.

    1. Thanks Judy! I love seeing your shots of food! I can enjoy them without putting on weight. ;)