Photo Tip Fridays

Part 1: Strong Shadows

Friday’s Photo Tip is about using strong shadows to enhance your photography.  Next week we will go over using soft shadows to create mood shots.

We all have pictures where shadows from a tree made someone’s face too dark because of the contrast. So we may think shadows are bad. But this isn’t always true. Sometimes you can incorporate shadows to make a shot better!

Let’s get started.

This first photograph is of a fence at the beach and its shadow. This is a use of strong shadows to create an interesting shot of something that is fairly common. The high contrast of the black and white is what catches your eye.

So let’s use color and shadows together. Notice the shadow of the center of this dogwood. Beautiful isn’t it?  It adds a pop to this macro shot.

Look around for shadows. You may find some funny ones. This photo is the shadow of a garden spinning decoration. Yes, that’s snow beneath it. I thought it looked like a smiley face and couldn’t resist the shot. 

So grab your camera and go looking for shadows! You never know what you may find!

Hope this helps!

Keep on clicking!


  1. Cool post, look forward to follow ups... my favourite pic is definitely the fence! :) Danica

    1. Hey Danica! Thanks for dropping by and I'm glad the tips are helping. :) I toured your blog and you're doing a great job with it. Looks like you found your "voice." Have a blessed day!