Photo Tip Fridays

On Fridays, I will post photography tips. For today, let's examine the why of photography.

Part 1

What is the Purpose of your Photography?

My adorable niece
When you love to take pictures, the answer may seem obvious. We take pictures to capture something on “film.”  To remember a moment such as a family get together, or to remember the beautiful sunset we saw on vacation.

While these may be good reasons, I want you to stop and think about the deeper reason. The purpose of you shots.

Why do you take them? Why do you try and improve? What can you do with photographs besides just looking at them and maybe sharing them with your family?

I simply love taking photos. I think I may be addicted.

I enjoy the challenges of composing the shots, getting the lighting right, looking for a fresh way to view my subjects.

But I’m learning that photography can be a blessing and a ministry. Not just to me, but to others. That gives my picture taking a very different feel. It isn’t just for me anymore.

How did this come about in my life? Well, I started by sharing my talent. It meant giving away a photo that meant something to someone else. Not just with family but with others.

Often times, when I’m out and about and I see someone taking a family picture that doesn’t include the photographer, I offer to take the shot for them. Most of the time they accept it and are thankful. And many times, they exclaim what a great shot it is. Then I give them a quick lesson on framing a shot.

It feels good to help others.

So, I’m starting Photo Tip Fridays to help share my love of photography and teach others what I’ve learned.

Next week we can talk about how to be generous with your photos.

But please chime in. Why do you take pictures?  And what would you like to learn?          


  1. Hey Mary! I know I am addicted:) I enjoy taking photos of God's creation and being able to capture that moment in time is exciting!

  2. Hey Judy, I know how you feel! The more I look at things in depth (macro), the more I am amazed at how God created this world.