In Honor of My Dad's 87th Birthday

Today I have the distinct honor of sharing with you a message my mom Carolyn wrote about my dad Jim for his 87th birthday. May you be blessed by this as much as I have been. Mary

In Honor of Jim’s 87th Birthday
By Carolyn Freeman

Jim never brought me diamonds, rubies, and pearls. Instead he brought the priceless jewels of integrity, wisdom, loyalty, steadfastness, faithfulness, stability, and faith.

Jim never carried me to a spa/resort. Instead he bathed me in his love, he soothed me with his comfort, and he massaged away the hurts and pains of my life.

Jim never encouraged me to adorn myself with fine clothes and the latest in beauty products. Instead he clothed me with acceptance and encouragement and sought my inner beauty.

Jim never bought me a luxurious car to preen in. Instead he looked for safety and dependability.

Jim never built me a fine mansion with fine furnishings. Instead he surrounded me with the solid walls of simplicity and freedom from pride.

Jim never used flowery words and fancy phrases to express his love.  Instead he conveyed the essence of true love by his whole existence.

Jim never sought recognition for a life of quiet devotion and quiet service. Instead he kept his eyes on the needs of others and gave himself to meeting them.

God brought blessings to me, his family, and many by providing us the gift of a Godly man to head our family.  We are eternally grateful.

Mom and Dad watching a sunset.
Eating North Carolina BBQ and listening to live Blue Grass.



  1. This is beautiful, Mary...something to be treasured as the lasting elements of life your father gave your mother...priceless!

  2. What a beautiful tribute! Your mom and dad are adorable.

  3. Thank you ladies. I know that my parents are special and I'm happy to share their love with others.

  4. Precious testimony of a meaningful relationship.

  5. This is great, Mary! I'm going to share it with some others... What a wonderful testimony to a godly marriage your parents are!

  6. Great post, thanks so much for sharing!

  7. What a wonderful tribute to love! It was so heartwarming to read this and made me realize that the most precious things in life are not for sale. Thank you for sharing this, Mary.