About Me

Mary found out that she enjoyed photography as a young girl when she watched family slide shows.  When she hit her teens, she was lucky enough to get her first camera.  A point and shoot Minolta. She started taking shots of strange things like T.V. screens so she could document the first shuttle launch. Or an interesting actor.  Anyway, she did move on to taking pictures of real people, pets and nature.

Then, when she got married, her hubby bought her a Minolta x-700.  It was love at first sight.  She used it for many joyous years, documenting cloud formations, rain storms and of course, hubby and the kids.  Eventually, she used the camera less and less as her family grew in size - ask the kids - there are at least 1 million pictures of her first-born and maybe 10 of her fifth-born.  You know how that goes.

Then, the digital age crept up on her.  She resisted with all her might until hubby handed her a Canon Powershot A75 on their way to the airport, heading to Italy. Yes, she took BOTH her beloved Minolta and the Canon on the trip and discovered digital wasn’t so bad. (And she can only look at photos from that trip on her computer. . . yep, she misplaced all the print photos).

After dropping the Canon Powershot one too many times, at a waterfall no less, it finally gave up the ghost after years of faithful service. But once again, hubby came to the rescue and bought her a Canon Rebel Xti. While Mary was still loyal to Minolta, they had ceased to make cameras so she transferred her loyalty to Canon. 

Her eldest daughter penned a poem in honor of her and described Mary’s twitchy finger, always itching to shoot someone. So, if you ever run into her, don’t be surprised if you find yourself on the other side of her lens.

Mary resides in SC.